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The Keller Circle of Success: Blue Chip, is a program we designed to enrich our professional drivers’ careers and personal lives through higher-level learning. Firstly, we considered the traits that primarily encompass the professional driver. LIS also provides you with up to $1,000,000 in coverage for combined bodily injury and/or property damage claims, should you be harmed by an uninsured/underinsured driver. Prices vary by location. Pricing of LIS for a specific rental will be provided at time of reservation. Drivers Bluetooth CSR. 12 drivers total Last updated: Nov 11th 2016, 15:59 GMT RSS Feed. Latest downloads from CSR in Bluetooth. Sort by: last update. CSR Bluetooth Remote Control Device Driver for Windows 7/Windows 8 64-bit 92,630 downloads. Jim Peelman is a seasoned leader with over 30 years of experience in the IT industry. Jim is the co-founder and CEO of Blue Chip Consulting Group, who was acquired by Core BTS in August 2020. Today, he serves as Executive Vice President of the Core BTS Microsoft Business Unit and is responsible for go-to-market strategy execution and Microsoft services revenue growth.

Please call the BlueCHiP for Medicare Concierge Team at 1-800-267-0439, October 1 – February 14, seven days a week, 8:00 a.m. To 8:00 p.m.; February 15 – September 30, Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. An automated answering system is available outside of.

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Thinking of signing up for Thrifty Blue Chip? Thrifty’s loyalty program is mainly an express rental program that gets you on your way in no time flat. In addition, you can earn points toward free award days. Joining the program means that your spouse or domestic partner can drive free.

Tips When Signing Up for Thrifty Blue Chip

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Signing up for Blue Chip is free, fast and easy. You’ll need your driver’s license and a major credit card. If you prefer not to earn free rental days with Blue Chip, you’ll need your airline frequent flyer account numbers. You’ll be asked for your address, car preference, and what options you’d like to have on every rental.

If you prefer, you can opt out of Thrifty’s email special offers.

You can also tick the box to purchase optional car rental insurance, including Loss Damage Waiver (LDW), Liability Insurance Supplement (LIS, sometimes known as Supplemental Liability Insurance or SLI) and Personal Accident Insurance (PAI). We recommend leaving all of these boxes unchecked. If you own your own car and have personal auto insurance, you likely do not need the LDW. In most states, the rental company must provide state minimum liability coverage by law, so you usually don’t need to buy the LIS extra coverage to meet legal requirements. If you already have sufficient health and life insurance, you may find you do not need the extra coverage of a PAI. Always check with your personal policies to make sure you are sufficiently insured for rental cars.

There is also an option to sign up for Thrifty’s Fuel Purchase Option, but you should also decline this. Prepaid fuel programs are one of the car rental industry’s biggest rip-offs.

How to Earn and Redeem Thrifty Blue Chip Points

When you sign up for Blue Chip, you can designate and rank up to six travel rewards programs where you can automatically earn points from your Thrifty car rentals. If you want your points to count toward free rentals at Thrifty, make sure the first field says “Blue Chip Rewards.”

Other options include airline frequent flyer programs (Alaska Air, American, Avianca, Delta, Emirates, Frontier, Gulf Airlines, Southwest and United) and the InterContinental Hotel Group’s IHG Rewards.

Once signed up to the Blue Chip program, you earn one point per dollar spent on your base rental rate. Note that a qualifying rental is any rental in the U.S. or Canada that is not prepaid. That means you need to book the “Pay Later” rate.

You can redeem for free daily, weekly, or weekend rentals on cars ranging from compact to full-size. A free weekend rental day starts at 500 points.

Points my only be redeemed within the U.S. and Canada.

Why We’re Lukewarm on Thrifty Blue Chip

In general, we’re not fond of revenue-based programs like Thrifty Blue Chip, since it’s comparatively hard to earn reward days. You’re looking at a minimum spend of $500 in rental cars before earning enough points for a rental day worth $20 or less.

But there’s no harm in signing up, since the program is free and primarily designed as an express service. Also, if the renter is a member of Blue Chip, spouses and domestic partners can be added to the contract without an additional driver’s fee.

Most major airport locations have dedicated Blue Chip counters and smaller outlets have at least a priority Blue Chip line. Some locations post your name on a board with a pre-assigned car in a designated parking stall. With the keys and contract waiting on your dashboard, you just need to hop in and show your license at the exit gate. Most neighborhood locations still require you to stop at a counter to process your paperwork, which can cause delays if the office is busy.

Drivers Bluechip


At times, being a professional driver can be a thankless job. Hours and days are spent behind the wheel keeping the U.S. commerce in motion! With that, it’s sometimes difficult to work on self-improvement. Most professional careers offer higher-level learning and commercial driving is no different. The Keller Circle of Success: Blue Chip, is a program we designed to enrich our professional drivers’ careers and personal lives through higher-level learning.

Firstly, we considered the traits that primarily encompass the professional driver. Safety, wellness, engagement, entrepreneurial, and professionalism. Within each of these five traits, we identified tasks and challenges that will improve the professional and personal life of our drivers. Each task is assigned a set point total. Our drivers must then complete a minimum number of tasks of their choosing in each section. Once a total number of points is achieved, our drivers graduate and receive the designation of Blue Chip professional driver.


We hold safety to the highest regard here at Keller. Our motto is, “time may be money, but life is priceless.” We place emphasis on not becoming complacent. Even the best professional drivers, no matter how safe they think they are, always have room for improvement. In this category we track various metrics such as following distance and DRE (Driver Risk Evaluation) score, amongst others. We then use said metrics to provide valuable insight and learning opportunities our professional drivers can utilize in the realm of safety.


This category focuses on both our professional drivers’ physical and financial wellness. When you have both of these dialed in, you perform better in life and your career. We provide the guidance needed for our professional drivers to stay physically healthy through our wellness coordinator, wellness programs and free clinics. Financial wellness is equally important. We help our drivers with retirement planning and money management services. We realize they work extremely hard for their money. So, we help make their money work hard for them.



The third step of the program, engagement, is designed to help our professional drivers understand the company holistically. We encourage engagement and transparency. This step gets them up close and personal with some of the other day-to-day operations such as maintenance and dispatch. We encourage our drivers to professionally shadow, network and build rapport with office personnel, especially their dispatchers. There are no walls or windows separating the driver from his or her dispatcher here.


Everyone dreams of owning their own business, right? This step is designed to help our drivers be the best, most efficient and informed professional drivers they can be. We compile and provide various metrics generated by the truck’s technology. Our drivers can then analyze the metrics and improve upon them if necessary. At the end of the day, efficiency means more money in our drivers’ pockets and more home time. Furthermore, this step also provides many of the same guiding principles needed to be a successful member of our Lease Purchase Program.


Have you ever heard the saying, “when you look good, you feel good,” or “dress for success?” We fully believe in both of these sayings. This is why we reward our drivers for keeping their glacier-blue tractors shiny and and wearing Keller branded apparel. We encourage our professional drivers to be Keller brand ambassadors. We provide them with a company credit to our very own company store to do so.


Upon satisfactory completion of the steps mentioned above, our professional drivers will receive the Blue Chip driver designation. With this designation comes pay raises, a custom “championship” style diamond ring, and various other forms of recognition.

Drivers Bluetooth Headset Avrp

Being a professional driver is a career, not just another dead-end job, and that is why we acknowledge it as such. With that, we believe driving should intrinsically offer opportunities for advancement, self-improvement and a higher overall feeling of purpose. Our Circle of Success: Blue Chip program provides our professional drivers with the opportunity for just that.