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However, they seemed to get stalled in the Update Driver utility, browsing to select the folder containing ViewFinder.exe software, which also contains the 'driver' file BetterLight.inf. The customer replied: 'Just know that when trying to point to the inf file contained in the zipped contents, it says something like “it doesn’t contain the.

  • Better Light Windows Software - ViewFinder 7.1 for (SCSI) Windows 98, ME, Win 2000 & NT, and Windows XP. Includes FIRMWARE UPDATER 4.14. The 7.1 software release was the original version to operate with the new HS-series USB control boxes as well as the previous SCSI units.
  • Neither black tape nor a magic marker is the solution when your car or truck's check-engine light comes on. When the light, which is shaped like the outline of an engine, illuminates, do not panic!

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ViewFinder™ —
Digital Scanning Camera Software

The speed and precision of Better Light's award-winning digital scanning cameras have been optimized by the use of our newest ViewFinder™ camera control software. This unique software, which is compatible with all models of Better Light scanning cameras, can dramatically reduce the setup time required for each scan, while at the same time delivering an unprecedented level of control over every aspect of image capture.How to get better driversDrivers Betterlight

How To Get Better Drivers

After setting up the camera, lights and focus, the Better Light scan back is placed in the back of the camera and a 16-bit prescan is made and the preview image is displayed on the computer monitor. All exposure, sensitivity (ISO), color balance, and contrast/brightness adjustments will immediately update on the monitor, without the need for additional prescans. Better Light allows you to optimize conditions BEFORE CAPTURE to assure the ultimate in first generation image quality.


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Available for Macintosh and Windows computers.