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The Super Bang-O-Matic Driver is the NEWEST offering for 2016 in the ever-popular Bang-O-Matic line up. This club is the hottest legal head Bang has ever designed! This is one Mean Machine! A new proprietary face heat treatment produces faster transfer of energy to the ball and lower spin ratio. Open Device Manager (Open the start menu, type Device Manager and press enter) and select System Devices (close to the end of the list). Locate Intel Smart Sound Technology driver (SST). Right-click and select Update Driver from the pop-up menu.

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Bang ST539 Hybrids
Flow Alignment System Technology for perfect trajectory, high launch and soft landings

Price: $144.95

Bang ST539 Titanium Driver
USGA conforming driver featuring the patented Flow Alignment System Technology design for longer straighter drives

Price: $295.00

Bang Storm Titanium Driver
Bang Storm and Bang Storm Offset with extra large face and higher center of gravity for lower lofts gradually changing to lower center gravity for higher lofts Offset driver allows easier adjustment in slicing controls, and is popular with slower swing speed golfers.

Price: $149.95 - $174.95

Bang-O-Matic Titanium Driver
Bang-O-Matic set a long drive record of 539 yards, woman's long drive record of 362, and junior long drive record of 400 yards Flow Alignment design increases energy transfer rate up tp 94% for straighter and farther drives Conforms with USGA rules

Price: $154.95 - $164.95

Bang Bangster 430cc Titanium Driver
Featuring TICN face treatment, which raises the surface hardness level 2.75 times more than those of untreated faces, and also gives the hitting face a dark shining appearance

Price: $154.95

Bang Square Mellow Yellow Titanium Driver
Bang Golf's 2nd generation of Mellow Yellow is made of beta titanium using a special heat treatment method to create the most resistant compaction The structural design of the lower profile with the center of gravity at the back of the crown provides the best performance to make the ball fly straight and far Conforms with USGA rules

Price: $154.95

Bang Mellow Yellow Titanium Driver
Introduced in 2002 and still popular today for golfers who prefer a pear shape low profile face that compliments their smooth easy swing Conforms with USGA rules

Price: $135.95

Bang SF 360 Titanium Driver
Bang's Spring Face 360cc driver offers excellent performance and is popular with golfers of all skills Traditional design and affordable price makes this driver a long time best seller

Price: $115.95

Bang ST539 Fairway Woods
Featuring Flow Alignment System Technology for perfect trajectory and lower center of gravity to launch the ball into the air faster andreduce hooks and slices

Price: $264.95

Bang Storm Fairway Woods
Complete fairway wood product line in the whole golf industry today ranging from #2, #3+, #3, #4, #5 up to #21 which covers the loft from 11 to 54 degrees, both left and right handed Also available in Offset

Price: $70.99

Bang Storm Offset Fairway Woods
Heat treated maraging steel, mid-to-low profile face, and extra low center of gravity make it easy to hit the ball further and straighter with these woods The offset helps to adjust your swing and is a favorite with slower swing speed golfers.

Price: $70.95

Bang-O-Matic Fairway Woods
Bang-O-Matic fairway woods are made of tungston weighted top grade beta titanium for a lower center of gravity The attractive water drop shape features the Flow Alignment System

Price: $114.95

Bang Bangster Fairway Wood
Maraging stainless steel with a special TICN finish.

Price: $84.99

Bang Mellow Yellow Square Fairway Woods
Square design for straighter hits and zero bounce degree for better performance in rough conditions Maraging steel with tungsten weighted sole

Price: $70.99

Bang Mellow Yellow Fairway Woods
Easy to hit woods with extremely low center of gravity that allow players to launch the ball from even the toughest lies

Price: $64.95

Bang SF 250 Fairway Woods
Spring Face fairway woods from #2 up to #21 as iron replacements for golfers having difficulties with irons Playable, easy to hit, and popular with a wide range of golfers

Price: $54.99

Bang Hybrid
The Bang Hybrid is a full hybrid line-up, #1 - LW, that features perfect trajectory and a lower center of gravity to help launch the ball in the air quicker and easier. Available RH or LH in deep blue finish that fades to black or in pink to compliment the pink Bang-O-Matic Drivers and Fairway Woods

Price: $74.95

Bang ST539 Irons
Premium irons from Bang made with soft metals that combine the design of blade irons and cavity shape irons for perfect ball trajectory

Price: $84.95

Bang-O-Matic Center Cut Forged Irons
The only iron/wedge series that extends from #0 to XW for RH/LH in the golf industry Features forged soft metal with CNC milled face and back and extreme sole weighting wide enough to help your fat shots be good shots

Price: $60.99

Bang-O-Matic Forged Center Cut Wedges
The only iron/wedge series that extends from #0 through XW in RH/LH in forged soft metal with CNC milled face for better backspin control Designed to help your fat shots be good shots!

Price: $60.99

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Olufsen© Image: Bang & Olufsen The Beosound Level is available with wood or fabric finishes.

Bang & Olufsen’s Beosound Level is the Danish brand’s latest battery-powered connected speaker. It supports voice controls via Google Assistant, Bluetooth, and you can also stream to it via the AirPlay 2, Chromecast, and Spotify Connect standards. B&O says the Beosound Level uses a modular construction that it claims will make it usable far into the future. It’s a welcome feature, considering the speaker’s high $1,499 (£1,099) starting price.

While many stereos and amplifiers from the middle of the last century can still be used today, the average lifespan of modern integrated audio systems is far shorter. If your music system contains a computer, then it’s inevitable that it’ll eventually become outdated. B&O’s hope is that the modular design it’s using for the Beosound Level will help the company keep it supported for longer, as well as making it easier to repair when components fail.

© Image: Bang & Olufsen The Beosound Level can be wall mounted...
© Image: Bang & Olufsen ...or used as a freestanding speaker.

Central to this modularity is the Beosound Level’s streaming module, which houses the speaker’s digital signal processing (DSP) chip, wireless connectivity tech, and antenna array. It’s B&O’s first speaker to use it, but the company says it won’t be the last; it’ll be standardized across its future lineup of home speakers. B&O says there’s enough processing headroom in the hardware that ships with the Beosound Level that it should be able to handle updates in the immediate future. But when the hardware reaches its limit, the company plans to offer an upgrade service for users who are prepared to send their device in to the company to have the streaming module replaced.

The Beosound Level’s battery is also modular, and unlike the streaming module, it’s user-replaceable. However, its form factor won’t be standardized across B&O’s speaker lineup, so replacing it will require a battery made specifically for the Beosound Level. Battery life is rated at up to 16 hours with volumes at moderate levels, dropping to four hours at max volume.

Reinstall bang & olufsen audio

Hp Envy 17t Subwoofer Drivers Bang Olufsen

© Image: Bang & Olufsen A magnetically attaching disc can be used to charge the speaker.
© Image: Bang and Olufsen The Beosound Level’s modular components.

Reinstall Bang & Olufsen Audio

Other features include a built-in accelerometer that allows the Beosound Level to adjust its sound depending on whether it’s standing vertically, horizontally, or hanging on a wall. (A wall bracket is available separately for $119, or £89.) Internally, the speaker has five drivers: two 4-inch woofers, one 2-inch full-range driver, and two 0.8-inch tweeters.

Reinstall bang & olufsen audioHp envy 17t subwoofer drivers bang olufsen

Charging is either handled via a USB-C port on the speaker itself or by attaching a small magnetic plug (which is powered over USB). The speaker has an IP54 rating for dust and water resistance, touch controls, and it’s available with wood or fabric finishes.

We’ve seen companies try to take modular approaches with their devices before, but success has been elusive so far. Modular smartphones have neverreally gotten off the ground, and Alienware’s promises about a modular future-proof laptop fell apart after just one year. Bang & Olufsen tells me it hopes to support the Beosound Level for years after it eventually stops producing the speaker, so it might be some time before we see if it’s able to deliver on its goal.

The Beosound Level is available starting today.