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This page provides how to integrate the ATWILC3000/1000 into the SAMA5D3 Xplained board. Visit the following sites for more information.

  • ​https://github.com/linux4sam



  • Download the buildroot-at91.

git clone https://github.com/linux4sam/buildroot-at91.git

  • Then, checkout the buildroot-2013.11-at91.


  • Configure the buildroot: make sama5d3_xplained_defconfig

  • ATWILC3000 requires more packages in the buildroot. Issue the following:

    make menuconfig

  • Select the followings in the menuconfig:

    • Target packages --> Networking applications --> bluez-utills
    • Target packages --> Networking applications --> dhcp
    • Target packages --> Networking applications --> hostapd
    • Target packages --> Networking applications --> wpa_supplicant
  • Then, build by issuing the following: make

Linux kernel

The Linux kernel is downloaded while building the buildroot-at91. For example, the Linux kernel source is located in the /output/build/linux-83a9eb4b2f16d9b388daa473a954fb2a563a7ccb. The following section describes how to port Atmel wireless drivers in the Linux Kernel.

Patch the kernel with Atmel 802.11 drivers

  • Kernel configuration: customize the kernel option by issuing the following command.

In the menuconfig, include the following options.

First, the Atmel ATWILC3000 driver depends on the CFG80211 and Bluetooth package in the Linux system. Check the CFG80211 and BT are included correctly.

• For CFG80211, add “Networking support --> Wireless --> cfg80211 – wireless configuration API”. It should be selected as built-in module marked with [*].

• For Bluetooth, add “Networking support --> Bluetooth subsystem support” with subordinates. Make sure the “Bluetooth subsystem support --> Bluetooth device drivers --> HCI UART driver” is selected with subordinates.

• Select “Device driver --> Network device support --> Wireless LAN --> Atmel SmartConnect Wireless cards Driver” and set the ATWILC3000 driver as module or built-in. Make sure that the SDIO interface is selected for Wi-Fi. The ATWILC3000 device will be connected to the SAMA5D3 Xplained board via SDIO for Wi-Fi.

  • Add the following in the /driver/net/wireless/Kconfig.
  • Add the atmel directory in the /driver/net/wireless/Makefile.
  • Download the latest wireless drivers from the ATWILC3000 driver. (Refer to the Release Note ). For example, the following command will create the atmel directory in the /drivers/net/wireless/.
  • Download the firmware in the Buildroot-at91/output/taget/lib/firmware with the following command.


  • Remove the followings before making new kernel image.
  • Go to the root directory of buildroot-at91 and issue the following again: make

Then, the outputs necessary to flash the board are generated like the followings.

Hardware consideration


For the WLAN, the MCI0 SD/MMC card slot J10 at the bottom on the SAMA5D3 Xplained should be connected to the SDIO_J1 on the ATWILC3000 EVB: pin 8 for SD_DAT0, pin 9 for SD_DAT1, pin 1 for SD_DAT2, pin 2 for SD_DAT3, pin 3 for SD_CMD and pin 6 is for SD_CLK. The SD_DAT0 to SD_DATA3 should be connected to support SDIO 4-bit mode. In addition, SD_CMD, SD_CLK and GND should be connected to the SAMA5D3 Xplained board.


The HCI UART transport layer uses the following configurations:

  • data length: 8 bits
  • parity: no parity
  • stop bit: 1stop bit
  • flow control: RTS/CTS
  • baud rate: vendor specific
  • flow-off response time: vendor specific

The local RXD should be connected to the remote TXD and the local RTS should be connected to the remote CTS and vice versa.

For Bluetooth, the USART2 of SAMA5D3 Xplained is connected to the ATWILC3000 EVB. The expansion, J19 on the SAMA5D3 Xplained board has the TXD2 on pin E26, RXD2 on pin E25, RTS2 on pin PE24 and CTS2 on pin PE23.

  • The TXD2 on the SAMA5D3 Xplained should be connected to the RXD on the ATWILC3000 EVB, J216 pin18.
  • In contrast, the RXD2 on the SAMA5D3 Xplained should be connected to the TXD on the ATWILC3000 EVB, J216 pin19. * The RTS2 on the SAMA5D3 Xplained should be connected to the CTS on the ATWILC3000 EVB, J216 pin16
  • The CTS2 should be connected to the RTS on the ATWILC3000 EVB, J216 pin24.

Make sure open J227, J805 and J901 on ATWILC3000 EVB before running the Bluetooth.


The SAM-BA tool is required to download images into the SAM boards. Download and install SAM-BA in Window or Linux machine.

Download the prebuilt image for SAMA5D3 Xplained. Then, modify the demo_linux_nandflash.tcl file like the followings.

  • Replace set kernelFile 'zImage-sama5d3_xplained.bin' by set kernelFile 'zImage'.
  • Replace set rootfsFile 'atmel-xplained-demo-image-sama5d3_xplained.ubi' by set rootfsFile 'rootfs.ubi'.

Now, it's time to change the boot mode for flashing new images. Open the JP5 and push the reset button. Then, close the JP5 back. Run demo_linux_nandflash.bat in Windows machine. For Linux users, run demo_linux_nandflash.sh in Linux machine.

For detailed information on flashing images visit here.

Drivers Atmel Network & Wireless Cards Online

For more information, visit the AT91 Linux4sam. It's also helpful to visit the AT91 SAM community.

Running wireless drivers

Issue the following command to insert the wilc3000.ko.

insmod /lib/modules/3.10.0/kernel/drivers/net/wireless/atmel/wilc3000/wilc3000.ko.

Drivers Atmel Network Remote

Then, refer to the followings for simple demo: