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Altair GP-cam drivers don't work on windows 10 anymore. posted in Equipment: So today I noticed that after reinstalling windows 10 Pro 64bit that the Altair GP-cam 130 mono drivers dont work anymore. In device manager it says that the a driver needs to be installed for the device to start working. I thought maybe the camera died and its over. I went and installed ASCOM, AltarCapture. The ASCOM Platform is required for most of the drivers and other components. It contains a set of common interfaces, engines, and tools that are used to support most ASCOM drivers and other components. The Platform installer also contains a set of developer tools and documentation which may be optionally installed.

Just like the actual Universe is expanding, so is the AQIRYS universe. If our cases impersonated the big-bang, and let you SEE a new gaming universe unfolding, now the time has come for you to, also, HEAR it!
We are thrilled to unveil our first gaming headsets, and we welcome you to the sound of AQIRYS!

Taking its name from one of the Summer Triangle stars, ALTAIR is a fully equipped headset that lets you dive deep into your gaming universe and live it in 360-degrees of brilliant audio!
Thanks to a clean design and multiple gaming-oriented features, ALTAIR is offering a comprehensive audio solution for all PC gaming and multimedia fans!

The ALTAIR is powered by a highly integrated single-chip USB audio solution, embedding all essential analog modules such as dual DAC and headphone amplifier, ADC, microphone booster, and built-in pop noise reduction circuitry.
You can enjoy 7.1 Surround Sound on your PC by installing the AQIRYS driver. The software driver supports XearTM sound effects for Windows OS and 48/44.1 kHz sampling rate for both Playback and Recording.



Larger driver units produce richer and deeper acoustics than smaller counterparts, meaning that you will hear and feel every split-second of the action at higher fidelity.
By placing the drivers inside closed ear-cups, we passively cut out much of the outside noise and enhanced the audio field even more.

ALTAIR has passed the TeamSpeak certification process, the number one choice VoIP communication system for Online Gaming, and the de facto “voice of esports”! You are guaranteed to use natural, crystal clear, e-sport grade sound to communicate with your teammates for flawless coordination!
The included sponge windscreen will help to reduce the pressure over the mic membrane, avoiding unwanted voice distortion.
Furthermore, we put the Mic on a flexible arm that allows perfect positioning, so orders can be sent undistracted.



You can rest assured to game for hours in absolute comfort thanks to the large and soft leatherette ear-pads. Top that with our neat RGB backlit symbol, and you will surely and fashionably match the headset with the rest of your backlit devices.

ALTAIR’s excellent audio could only be matched and paired with beautiful ergonomics, clean design, and high-quality build. Soft-cushioned headband and ear-pads, telescopic adjustment for a secure fit, RGB backlit ear-cups, in-line remote control with full-braided cable, all these circumscribe to the above, having the sole purpose of delivering you a truly dependable and long-lasting gaming headset!


Altair, together with Vega and Deneb, forms an astronomical asterism called the Summer Triangle. In science fiction, Altair is known for one of its fictional planet, Altair 4, where the movie “Forbidden Planet” took place. Altair, which in Arabic means eagle, is perhaps most notably known in the space industry as the name proposed for NASA’s next-gen lunar lander.

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  • Sound:7.1 Virtual Surround
  • Frequency response:20 Hz - 20 KHz
  • Sensitivity:100 ± 3 dB
  • Impedance:32 Ω
  • Driver size:50 mm
  • Backlight:Yes (RGB)
  • Microphone pattern:Omnidirectional
  • Microphone type:Flexible
  • Microphone frequency response:100 Hz - 10 KHz
  • Microphone sensitivity:-42 ± 3 dB
  • Microphone impedance:≦ 2200 Ω
  • Noise cancelling:Yes
  • Microphone size:6.0 x 2.7 mm
  • Headphone type:Over-ear
  • In-line remote:Yes
  • Conection type:Wired
  • Connectors:USB 2.0
  • Cable length:2.10 m
  • OS support:Microsoft Windows 7 or newer
  • Color:Black
  • Weight:405 g
  • EAN:5949161380253

Designed for IoT

Security as Core Value

Sony Semiconductor Israel Ltd. (formerly known as Altair Semiconductor Ltd.) is a leading provider of cellular IoT chipsets. The company offers the smallest and most highly integrated LTE CAT-M and NB-IoT chipsets on the market, featuring ultra-low power consumption, hardware-based security, and a carrier-grade integrated SIM (iSIM), all 5G ready. With a commitment to the highest quality and end-to-end security approach, our all-inclusive cellular IoT chipsets offer the longest battery life and fastest time to market.

Sony Semiconductor Israel’s cellular IoT chipsets are commercially deployed on the world’s most advanced LTE networks. We partner with leading global vendors to provide low-power and cost-efficient modules for a range of industrial and consumer IoT applications such as trackers, smart meters, wearables, and vehicle telematics.

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