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(last update: 04/06/2017)
Current Models (2009 ~ )

15.6' A7670/A7670PV Series

14' Ultrabook A3400V

15.6' A7650/A7650P (TWSHD)

17' A1728PV (W670SC)

15.6' A7640P/PV (QAL51)

15.6' A7640 (QAL50)

15.6' A7620P/PV

15.6' A7620

17' A1276PV

15.6' A7600V (NBLB2)

15.6' A7600D (NBLB3, NBLB5)

15.6' A7600P (KHLB2)

A7600C (KHLB0)

17' A1700i (MS-1727)

17' A1700V (1722)
* Windows 7 drivers available

17' A1700S (171F)

13.3' A3000 (NTUC0)
Phased out Models (2003~2008)

15.4' A7500P (JHL90)
* Windows 7 drivers available

15.4' A7500C (JHL91)
* Windows 7 drivers available

15.4' A7500S (KSW91)
* Windows 7 drivers available

12' A3300V (JFT00)

A7400P (FL90, NVidia video)

A7400C (FL91 Intel share video)
A7400D (TW7, Intel 965 Video)
A7400S (FW91, SiS Chipset-Video)
A1700P (#1715N, nVIDIA Video)
A1700C (#1716, Intel Video)
A7200P (EL80)
(NVidia x600 256MB Video)
Windows Vista drivers (1/19/2007)
XP Audio driver (1/10/2007)
A7200C (EL81)
(Intel 950 Shared Video)
Windows Vista drivers (1/19/2007)
XP Audio driver (1/10/2007)
A7200D (TW3)
(Intel 950 Shared Video)
Windows Vista drivers (1/19/2007)
XP Audio driver (1/10/2007)
A7000P (DL70, DL76)
(ATI Radeon x6000 Video Card)
A7000c (DL71, DL75)
(Intel 915GM 128MB Shared video)
A5000d (AL51)
A5500 (Q200B, unit with built-in floppy)
A2300P (FL30)
(nVidia 256MB GeForce 6400 Video)
A5000P (CL56)
(ATI Radeon 9600 128MB Video Card)

A5000 Centrino (CL50)
(w/ATI Radon 9000 64MB Video card)
A5000C Centrino (CL51, 51A)
(w/Intel 855PM Shared Video Memory)
A3000 Pentium 4(DCY30)
A3000C Pentium 4(FY30)
A2300 Centrino (DAT23)
A7300 (G733)
A4700 17' (DW470x)
A1200 Pentium 4(CQ12)
  • Driver is a video game series developed by Reflections Interactive (now Ubisoft Reflections), and originally published by GT Interactive, later by Atari and now by Ubisoft.The gameplay consists of a mixture of action-adventure and driving in open world environments. Since the series began in 1999, there have been five main installments released. As of August 2011, the series has sold more than.
  • Thankfully, new driver’s licenses also have PDF417 barcodes on them, and in North America, follow specifications laid out by the American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators (AAMVA). These barcodes are small, error resistant, and can encode a lot of information.
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Traffic laws in each state are different, so it is always best to study the driver's manual from the state where you live and plan to get your license. However, because there are not yet translations of Pennsylvania's driver's manuals into many languages, the following translations from other states may be helpful.