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  • Install the mirror driver: Includes the Dameware Mini Remote Control Mirror Driver in the MSI package. Install the keyboard driver: Includes the Dameware Mini Remote Control Virtual Keyboard Driver in the MSI package. Install the smart card driver: Includes the Dameware Mini Remote Control Smart Card Driver in the MSI package.
  • DameWare Development Mirror Driver Uninstall is a Shareware software in the category Miscellaneous developed by DameWare Development Mirror Driver Uninstall. The latest version of DameWare Development Mirror Driver Uninstall is currently unknown. It was initially added to our database on.
  • Manually uninstall Dameware Remote Support (DRS) Note: Installing a new version of Dameware automatically uninstalls the older version. If the automatic uninstallation does not work, follow the instructions below.
  • Dameware Mini Remote Control. In order for the Mirror Driver to work, the upper left monitor must be the primary display with all other monitors installed directly below it, or to the right. Negative coordinate monitors are secondary monitors that are installed above or to the left of the damware display. Download Dameware Remote Support Software.

The Dameware Mirror Driver is designed to run on Windows 2000 and later versions of Windows. Mirror Drivers are not compatible with older versions of the Microsoft Windows operating system. The Dameware Mirror Driver supports remote control of multiple monitor systems; however, due to a documented flaw in Windows operating systems prior to.

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Powerful & Versatile Remote Control Software

DameWare Mini Remote Control is a powerful utility for remote management: it can successfully handle servers and Windows based machines as well as troubleshoot user problems thanks to its built-in online chatting and screenshot capabilities.
DameWare Mini Remote Control comes with a large array of features for remote management and its installation does not replace any existing OS drivers or install low-level drivers. In this way, a remote machine reboot is not required when connecting. DameWare Mini Remote Control is simply using Windows API calls to interact with the local and remote machines.
DameWare Mini Remote Control comes with multiple security and encryption features, such as multiple authentication methods and an option to encrypt all communications between the local and remote machines.
Features:Dameware products
- The session starts instantly without machine reboot required thanks to the MRC Client Agent Service deployment performed “on the fly”.
- MSI package builder is included to ensure easy installation and configuration of the MRC Client Agent Service.
- The Windows Firewall and Advanced Windows Firewall are automatically configured.
- The remote desktop is integrated directly into the administrator’s machine for optimal usability and speed through the seamless Window feature.
- Enhanced speed and performance delivered through the DameWare Mirror Driver.
- The licensing is highly affordable as it’s based on the number of administrators using the program, not on the number of accessed clients and servers.
- Connect with the Interactive Smart Card Login and Remote Smart Card Authentication using a Smart Card and PIN from your local machine.
- Encryption is based on the Windows OS built-in Microsoft Cryptographic Providers and Crypto APIs.
- Access can be restricted using IP filtering, Shared Secret Key and Group membership.
Download dameware driver windows 7 - Encryption can be forced for all connections.
- Option to receive e-mail notifications every time a connection is made to a remote machine.
Driver - End-user support features include built-in chat, screenshot capturing and saving, shared sessions and screen sharing, simple file transfer, acquire permission from the Desktop User before connecting and multi-monitor support.
- DameWare Mini Remote Control can be deployed from external storage devices such as memory sticks and external hard drives.
- Support is enabled for Windows Server 2008, Vista and 7, for both 32 and 64-bit versions.
- Support is enabled for IPv4 and IPv6.
- Proxy Server is available for Jump-Hosted environments.
- Wake-on-LAN functionality.
Download - Capable of connecting through Mini Remote style connection or Remote Desktop Protocol style connection.
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