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  • The NVIDIA driver development team added support for the WDDM model and GPU-PV to the CUDA driver, to be able to run it on Linux on Windows. It is still a preview driver and will not be released until the official GPU support in WSL in Windows 10 is released. For more information about the release, see CUDA WSL 2 Download.
  • Download the Square app on an Android Device. Tap the Google Play icon on your device. Tap the search field or icon (magnifying glass) search for Square Point of Sale. Tap the result Square Point of Sale Install follow the onscreen instructions to complete the download.

We help companies realize the promise of IoT through the development of intelligent devices and systems that are cloud-enabled, share data seamlessly, facilitate distributed learning and control, and operate securely at scale.

Tap Download and Install. Follow the on-screen prompts to complete the update. Note: New releases of the Square Point of Sale and Square Invoices apps are only compatible with devices running iOS 11 or above. If your device is unable to update to iOS 11, you can still accept payments and run your business as.

We believe that IoT-enabled systems can not only deliver value to our customers but can also help people make better use of the resources of our planet.

Bsquare’s suite of services and software components create new revenue streams and operating models for our customers while providing opportunities for lowering costs and improving operations.

Whether you’re an experienced device manufacturer or just starting out with a great idea for a purpose-built IoT device, our global team of system architects, software engineers, and operations experts can help. Bsquare can design, deploy, and operate your embedded system. And when you’re ready to operate securely at scale, our 24/7 operations team is there to manage your cloud instance, provide DevOps services, and ensure uninterrupted operations of your intelligent devices. Contact us to start your IoT journey.

Bsquare has extensive experience developing, deploying, and operating IoT systems securely at scale for Fortune 500 and global businesses. We’ve helped customers transform their businesses across a wide range of application areas, including transportation, intelligent retail systems, and next-generation facilities management. Learn more about our customer experience and how we can help accelerate the realization of your next-generation business systems. Or contact us today to get started.

Download Bsquare Drivers


Download Bsquare Driver Download

We partner with leading hardware, software, and cloud technology partners including Microsoft, Amazon Web Services, Intel, and SYNNEX to accelerate development and implementation of systems that operate securely at scale and avoid proprietary technology lock-in.


Download Bsquare Driver App

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