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Download autoxray usb to sdl cable driver driver windows 10
Over the years, several people on this forum have recommended AutoXRay scan tools.
Years ago I purchased an EZ Scan 6000, their (at the time) top of the line scanner.
I decided to upgrade the software on it, since it supposedly only covers up through the 2005 model year. (Although I have successfully read newer cars.)
In order to upgrade the scanner, I first needed to install drivers for their proprietary USB cable. The problem is, the drivers appear to not support anything newer than XP, or 64 bit 'anything'.
I poked around on the web for a bit, and several people had posted poor reviews on Amazon's site, concerning these drivers. They also stated that the scan tools cannot be upgraded to support CANBUS cars. (although I was able to get some basic OBD II info from my '09 Challenger CANBUS PCM.)
Perhaps the basic OBD II stuff is required to remain the same, but the whole 'unable to upgrade' thing is a real bite in the posterior.
To be fair, I have not attempted to contact their customer service dept and ask them what the deal is, so there may still be more to this. I really doubt it, though.
I would encourage anyone to pay attention to this, or at least do some research, before buying a scan tool.
As an aside, AutoXRay also does not support CASE learn (Crank position sensor calibration.) Not that that's a big surprise.

Download Autoxray Usb To Sdl Cable Driver Driver Download


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  • Autoxray Usb To Serial Bridge Driver Sdl 531563 free download - VIA USB 2.0 Host Controller Driver, USB Audio ASIO driver, USB to Serial Converter, and many more programs.
  • My autoxray ezscan 6000 is outdated i guess. It seems that the company no longer supports any of their products. This cable has drivers for 32bit, and XP ONLY. So if you, like everyone else with a PC newer then 2006 has a 64bit OS, don't bother wasting your money. The software will install on 64bit Win7, and open, but without the communication cable, its useless.
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Download Autoxray Usb To Sdl Cable Driver Driver Windows 7

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