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Since 2006, ASEM started designing also innovative, flexible and user-friendly software solutions that, today, make ASEM one of the few European medium enterprises, if not even the only one, that can develop and master internally all driver technologies of the “Industry 4.0” revolution. From the analysis of the needs of manufacturers of automatic machines and industrial system integrators, and in order to guarantee them innovative programming tools, high performance and at the same time flexible and easy to use, UNIQO was born, the new universal software platform for every industrial application.Thanks to UNIQO Framework, a software platform with a completely modular. Drivers, Files & SDK Downloads. Welcome to our download tool. By downloading a driver, you agree to the terms and conditions of the applicable End User License Agreement (EULA) on behalf of yourself and the company you represent. View the applicable EULA by clicking on the EULA link in the Notes. Choose a category to begin.

What is VCDS?

VCDS (www.ross-tech.com)is short called “VAG-COM Diagnostic System ”,also called VAG-COM.VCDS is primarity used for diagnostic and adjustment for Volkswagen Group vehicle.VCDS will perform most of functions that only performed by expensive official dealers,it is very suitable for DIY user and garage.

VCDS Functions List:

Auto Scan

Control Unit Info

Read Fault Codes

Output Tests

Selective Output Tests

Basic Setting

Clear Fault Codes

Close Controller

Code Module

Code Slave Modules

Measuring Blocks

Advanced Measuring Values

Single Reading


Login/Coding II

View Readiness

Guided Readiness Scripts

Security Access

Support Codes

Generic OBD-II

Freeze-Frame Data

Dual K-Line Support

Download Asem Driver Printer

Digit PINs (VAS only)

Code Database Up to Date

Diagnostics via CAN

Transport Mode

Support for Dual ECUs

Data Logging

HighSpeed DataLogging

Real-Time Graphs

Real-Time Gauges

Graphic TDI Timing Checker

Control Module Finder

Automate Service Reset (SRI)

ECU Mileage Checker

Controller Channel Maps

Wireless Connection via WiFI

Installation List

LT3/Crafter Support

VCDS Support Vehicle Models List:

The following VCDS Compatibility Charts are based on Model and Chassis Type. To find the Chassis Type for your car, look at the 7th and 8th digits of the VIN number. The Chassis type will usually be found in these digits. There are exceptions.

Example (Audi A6):

VIN: WAUZZZ4F36N111022

The 7th and 8th digits are 4F for Audi A6 (4F), the 10th digit is 6 which stands for Model Year (MY) 2006. See the Model information Column for Audi to find the A6 Model. Note that the Chassis Type “4F” is listed under that model. Look horizontally across the VCDS Compatibility Chart until you find the Model Year 2006 and you can determine which interface(s) is required for that Chassis. In this particular case you will see that only the HEX+CAN series interface is compatible.

Please Note: Older VCDS versions may not support all of the model years listed. These charts are intended for the most current version of VCDS (in rare cases even Beta Versions).

Check the VCDS Compatibility Charts to get details

VCDS Support Languages:

Česky,Chinese,Dansk,Deutsch ,Español ,Français,Italiano,Magyar ,Nederlands,Polski,Português,Romana,Russian,Svenska

VCDS software, free download

VCDS v.20.4.0.ENG


Password: mhhauto

VCDS with Loader v9.2 – English 19.6.0, non-English (tested PL and HU)


Below download links are shared from some forum member,for newest software please go to original official website:https://www.ross-tech.com

In pack you will find:

  1. a) eeprom+firmware(2 types)
  2. b) hardware type detect program to know what to flash inside.
  3. c) flash interface by usb (interface with genuine firmware , must be connected to 12V)
  4. d) loader to be used with any genuine install kit
  5. e) info.pdf to read how to do stuff
  6. f) projects already made to flash by programmer (tl866 or usbasp)
  7. g) ept and xml files for ft232rl or rq just in case.


Update 14.08.2017

Loader V2 compatible with RL-RQ-BL-BM interfaces.

Reworked tool for update interface by USB – keeps count of type of hw in eeprom.

New eeprom dumps for each version of hardware

Included in pack Progisp v1.72 and also Mprog 3.5 with templates

Remade projects with new dumps for Progisp and TL866

All versions released until today on any language work even NEZ one 🙂

UPA VCDS FUSES for HW44 and HW46.zip

VCDS Loader V4.txt

New version with new eeprom, need to rewrite your interface with new usb flasher.

One multilingual eeprom is not possible anymore. Use VAGCOM_EEWriteLang to write eeprom of your choice.

VCDS Computer Requirements:

VCDS requires a computer running Microsoft Windows (the HEX-NET can be used with VCDS-Mobile on other platforms but that use is still in beta testing). A Laptop is most convenient but a desktop PC can also be used.
We recommend a PC running Windows 7, 8.1, or 10 with at least 2GB of RAM (single-core Atom-class processors are no longer recommended). Screen resolution of at least 800×600 is recommended.

How to Install VCDS Software:

Double click the icon desktop,wait for installing,as shown:

Wait for progress complete to 100%

Select “Next”

Check “I accept the terms of the License Agreement”

Select “Next”

Select components to install,then select “Next”

Wait for progress complete

Click “Finish”

How to use VCDS:

Run VCDS software,connect VCDS VAG COM to your computer USB interface

Click options

Click Test,show that VCDS VAG COM hardware has been activated

Then click save,you can use VCDS VAG COM to test your car

As shown,choose function you want

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Facility-wide display of process data and control values on remote systems

Visualization for PCs, regardless of quantity and type

Create modern visualizations for machines and plants directly in the CODESYS Development System and display them with CODESYS HMI (Human-Machine Interface) for operation or diagnostics on any quantity or type of PCs. The visualization project can be independent of the logic application (IEC 61131-3 project). It can link to different CODESYS-compatible controllers at the same time – even to all controllers that are equipped with an OPC UA Server.

  • Visualization for PC platforms, typically for Microsoft Windows Porting to Microsoft Windows CE/Embedded/Mobile or Linux possible
  • Project engineering of visualizations independent of the logic application
  • Display of process data of CODESYS V2.3 and CODESYS V3 controllers
  • Simultaneous connection to different controllers via symbolic interface – even with individual variable mapping, if necessary
  • Project engineering in the CODESYS Development System with optional simplified interface
  • Support of all visualization functions of CODESYS
  • Display variant for visualizations (operating interfaces) for displaying on PCs
  • Available as Windows version for end users for licensing from the CODESYS Store (CODESYS HMI SL), as well as portable version for device manufacturers (CODESYS HMI)
  • Visualization editor (free of charge) fully integrated in the CODESYS Development System
  • Extensive options for designing visualizations, for example with many available elements, visualization styles, language switching, alarm management, recipes, and trend display
  • Display of complete alarm tables and trend data from CODESYS V3 projects
  • Optional: License for additional display as WebVisu in HTML5 browsers
  • Data linking to any controllers via CODESYS data source objects:
    • Symbolic access
    • Addressed access, for example for mini PLCs without symbol configuration
    • OPC UA Client
  • Tool-assisted configuration of required settings for communication with the controllers
  • Multi-PLC capable: Display of multiple controllers on one device
  • Distributed visualization possible on multiple end devices
  • Checking of the visualization application by CODESYS Compiler
  • Processing of IEC 61131-3 program code possible in addition to the visualization, for example for data processing and unit conversion
  • Online diagnostics for connection status
  • Starting of the CODESYS HMI runtime system on the target system
  • Creation of a new CODESYS HMI project from the template (CODESYS V3.5 SP10 or later)
  • Selection of additional components of the HMI project, such as alarms, images, trends, and unit conversions
  • Selection of the editing view 'HMI perspective', customized for visualization specialists. Switching between HMI and programming view is possible at any time.
  • Adding data sources to the data source manager: Selection of connection type (default setting: symbolic data access), as well as address of the displayed controller. Requirement: Displayed process data is published on the controller (by symbol configuration)
  • Browsing of data prepared by the data source, selection of interesting variables. If necessary:
    • Mapping of original variable names to individual name structures and conventions
    • Editing of the data source configuration
  • Creation of visualization objects for the operation of machines or plants, in the integrated visualization editor based on linked data
  • Downloading and starting the visualization on the target device

Published 02.03.2017

CODESYS HMI SL helps you visualize application data from different CODESYS-compatible controllers in one user interface on remote PCs. In the logic applications of CODESYS V2 or CODESYS V3 PLCs you publish the required variables via symbol configuration and collect them in CODESYS HMI SL via Data Source Object. In an operating view of the CODESYS Development System designed for project engineers of visualizations, these data can then be animated and visualized using various integrated options.

4:34: Description of the project in the live presentation
10:14: Preparation of a PLC application for visualization
14:41: Creation of a CODESYS HMI SL project
16:40: Data connection from CODESYS HMI SL to the PLC
20:40: Design of a visualization with the data of the PLC
21:38: Download and commissioning of the visualization
25:20: Summary

As a system integrator or end user in the machine and plant construction industry:

Download and install the CODESYS Development System (CODESYS V3.5 SP10 or later) free of charge from the CODESYS Store. A demo version of CODESYS HMI SL is located in the distribution of the setup and can be tested immediately. The latest version of CODESYS HMI SL can also be downloaded separately from the CODESYS Store.
Purchase licenses for a full version of CODESYS HMI SL in the CODESYS Store and save them to the target device – if applicable, also optional licenses such as for extending the variable scope or for integrating CODESYS WebVisu for parallel display of HMI visualizations on HTML5 browsers.

Download Sam Drivers

As a manufacturer of programmable devices:

Use the CODESYS HMI Toolkit to implement the visualization runtime system on your display device. Contact [email protected] for a consultation, quotation, or more information.

Download Samdriver

CODESYS brochures and information material

Creation of professional visualization screens directly in the PLC development system – displayed on a target device, a PC or a web browser.
pdf 2 MB