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The basic elements of the system

MyHOME_Up is the BTicino bus home automation system which is characterized by 2 fundamental elements:

An embedded system is a product which uses a computer to run it but the product, itself, is not a computer. This is a very broad and very general definition. Embedded systems programming, therefore, consists of building the software control system of a computer-based product. ESP encompasses much more than traditional programming.

  • the MyHOMEserver1 web server, to which the bus is connected on which all the components of the system communicate and which acts as a gateway to the internet,
  • the MyHome_Up APP, which is used by the installer during commissioning, and is the same that the customer then uses to control the different functions or to customize their own scenarios, also without the subsequent intervention by the installer.

How the system is put into operation

1. Install the controls, build the BUS system and connect the MyHOMEServer1. By means of a self-learning procedure, the actuators will be functional after a few minutes.

2. Open the MyHOME_Up application and connect to the system.

4. Select the controls to associate.
Your work is done; the actuator and its control are associated.
All data will be stored in the MyHOMEServer1 and will already be available for your client in his Application.


Control with smartphone and MyHome_Up APP

Download MyHOME_Up

MyHOME_Up is the free application provided by BTicino with which the user can manage all the home automation functions of the home automation system with his Smartphone both inside and outside the home, also creating personalized scenarios.

The APP is the same for the installer to put the system into operation.

Download MyHome_Up

In addition to the commands already set, your customer can create scenarios with manual activation, or planned scenarios that are performed automatically according to the day and / or time.
It can create scenarios on condition, activated by events on the system (temperature, consumption or electricity production, press of a button ...) or by weather conditions;
and geolocated scenarios, performed according to where your customer is located.
With MyHOME_Up you can allow your customer to manage objects connected to the home network, such as multiroom audio systems:

Control with digital commands

These devices are characterized by the innovative all-button Living Now aesthetic and are equipped with capacitive buttons with LED graphics selectable via the MyHOME_Up app.

Download Art Programming Systems B.v Driver

The digital control can be expanded or modified for new functions and moved to the various rooms of the house without wiring intervention.

Control with voice commands

“Ok Google, turn off all the lights”
«Alexa, turn on the fan»
“Alexa, I’m home.”

These are some controls to manage the lights, controlled sockets and, through the scenarios, also the shutters, the alarm, the ideal temperature and the music to listen to.

Two solutions for voice control:

– Using digitalcontrols in Living Now aesthetic with integratedAlexa voice assistant for flushing installation;

– Using third party voice assistants, such as Amazon Alexa and Google Home.

With both solutions it will also be possible to interact with the Amazon and Google platforms to request any information such as news, weather, timetables, etc.

Control devices with key covers

As an alternative to the Living Now digital controls, it is possible to use devices to be combined with key covers with symbols of the silk-screened function.

Available in Living Now, Livinglight, Axolute and Màtix aesthetics for the management of lights, shutters and scenarios.

Specific control devices are available for managing loads, temperature control and audio diffusion.

Control with HOMETOUCH touch screen

Download art programming systems b.v drivers

HOMETOUCH is a 7″ touch screen device

for centralized control of functions:

  • Lighting;
  • Shutter automation;
  • Temperature control;
  • Nuvo multiroom audio diffusion;
  • Burglar alarm;
  • Scenarios;
  • Functions deriving from the integration of MyHOME_Up with third-party devices and systems.

Integration with video door entry system

In addition to the control of home automation functions, HOMETOUCH can be integrated into the video door entry system by performing the function of connected indoor station, in conjunction with the Door Entry for HOMETOUCH app for Android smartphones and iOS. With the same APP it is also possible to view Netatmo’s internal and external smart cameras.

Download the Door entry for Hometouch APP

The functions of the MyHome_Up home automation system

Lighting and automation

Management of lights and shutters in an intelligent way to obtain maximum energy savings, comfort and customization of functions.
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Maximum energy savings thanks to the management of different temperature profiles in every room of the house.
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Consumption display

Solution to keep the energy consumption of the house under control and reduce waste.
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Load control

Control of the load absorbed power to avoid blackouts.
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Nuvo multiroom audio diffusion

Download Art Programming Systems B.v Drivers

Diffusion, in every room of the house, of favorite music from different sources: Tablet, Hard Disk or streaming from the Internet.
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Integration with third parties

MyHOME_Up is an open system that integrates easily and without any modification to the system, with the best third-party technologies, systems and devices in three different ways:


Simple solution thanks to the integration drivers already present in the gateway device.The association between MyHOME_Up devices and other systems is carried out with the MyHOME_Up app, such as the Nuvo audio system and the Bticino burglar alarm system.
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The integration is performed using the Driver manager device configured with the specific driver created according to the system or device to be managed. The solution is suitable for creating functions not available with the MyHOME_Up system.
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It takes place in two ways:- by sharing different languages on the IP platform (locally and via the cloud).- via Cloud IOT platforms such as Artik Samsung and similar.These solutions are available and developed by the 'Works with Legrand' integration program.
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