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By Adela D. Louie, Last updated: January 28, 2021

Download Access Media Drivers

'Are you searching for a way of how to access Phone with broken screen with PC?'

Download Accessmedia Driver

Smartphones play an important role in our daily lives. It can help us communicate with our family, friends, and to our co-workers. Smartphones also help us to make our jobs easier as we can save a lot of important data in it.

This data stored on our Smartphones make it more fragile. However, accidents happen every once in a while and the sad part here is that if our devices got broken by accident. Some of these accidents are like dropping your Phone causing its screen to be broken resulting for you not to access your device.

In this kind of situation, your very first concern is the data that was stored on your device. You would be thinking if there is a possible way you can still access Android Phone with broken screen and get your important files.


Part 1. Detailed Steps: Access Android With Broken Screen

FoneDog Android Toolkit with the Broken Android Data Extraction can help you access your damaged screen device and get your important data saved on it. This toolkit has definitely higher retrieval rate which can give you a satisfying result.

It can also help you in recovering your photos, text messages, videos, WhatsApp, call history and contacts. And just in case you have a damaged screen and you were not able to put in your Android password to have it unlocked, this program will also surely help you.

And also, FoneDog Android Toolkit - Broken Android Data Extraction is completely compatible with any Samsung Galaxy device. For you access your broken phone, download the program and have it installed on your Windows computer and then follow the following guidelines below.

Note: Please ensure that your Samsung device model is in the supporting list:https://www.fonedog.com/broken-android-data-extraction/reference.html.

How to Access Android Phone with Broken Screen

  1. Step 1: Download Fonedog Toolkit and Connect to Your Device
  2. Step 2: Choose the State of Your Android Device
  3. Step 3: Select Your Device Model
  4. Step 4: Get Your Device to Download Mode
  5. Step 5: Downloading Recovery Package
  6. Step 6: Preview and Access Your Android Phone With Broken Screen.

Step 1: Download Fonedog Toolkit and Connect to Your Device

Launch FoneDog on your computer and connect your device
Have the program running on your computer and have your device connected using your USB cable. Once the program is up and running, click 'Broken Android Data Extraction'

In this option, USB Debugging is not required. It means that you are no need to enable USB Debugging on your phone. You are not worried about how to find the USB Debugging Mode on your phone either.

Step 2: Choose the State of Your Android Device

After you have connected your evice to your computer, the program will then ask you the state of your device. Just choose from the option shown on your computer screen and then click on 'Start' button.

Step 3: Select Your Device Model

After you have chosen the state of your device, the program will then ask you to enter the correct model of your device.

Once if you were able to enter your device model, click 'confirm' button. If any case that you do not know the model of your device, you can go ahead and simply click on 'How to check device model' for you to get an assist on how to know the model of your device.

Step 4: Get Your Android Device to Download Mode

In this step, you have to turn your device to 'Download Mode'. To do that, follow these steps.
-Turn off your device
-Press and hold volume down (-), home button and power button at the same time.
-Press the volume up (+) button for you to enter download mode.

Step 5: Downloading Recovery Package

Once you have entered Download Mode, FoneDog Toolkit -- Broken Android Data Extraction will then start scanning your device and will also start to download the recovery package. Make sure that the device is always connected to the computer.

Step 6: Preview and Access Your Phone with Damaged Screen.

How to view broken phone screen on computer? After the scanning process is done, you will now be able to preview all your data from your broken device. It will show you all the categories of files on the left side of your screen.

Choose the file you want to access and then on the right side of your screen, markdown all the items you want.

Once you are done selecting all your data from your broken device, you can go ahead and click 'Recover' button. All the items you choose will all be recovered from your broken device and will automatically be saved on your computer.

Those data will stay in the designated folder for FoneDog and once you have a new device, you can just simply move those data from your computer to your new device.

Part 2. How to Access Android Phone with Broken Screen Partially

Here, you can also partially try to access your device without using a computer. You can do this process but we have to give you a headstart that doing this will not give you the full access to your device but at least, this is better than nothing. Follow the guide below.

Remove Your SD Card and Sim Card from Your Broken Device.

1: You can do this method if you are using an device that has an SD card because nowadays, a lot of Android mobile phones does not have an SD card slot.

All you have to do is to insert the tip of the tray eject tool in the little hole found on either the top or at the side of your device and then, get your Sim card and SD card from the tray.

2: Put Your Sim Card and SD card on the new device you which you are going to use.

Video Guide: How to Access Phone with Android Broken Screen

Ms access driver download

Access Driver Download

Part 3. Conclusions

FoneDog Toolkit -- Broken Android Data Extraction can really help you big time in order for you to access your broken screen device. It is very fast and effective and will surely give the highest retrieval rate.

Windows 10 media driver download

Having this program installed on your computer can make you feel relax about you completely losing your data from your device. With this, even if your device gets broken, you don't have to worry about all your data that was saved on your mobile device.

This program is still way useful than any other method as it was already actually proven by many. A very convenient way to access your Android Data from your broken device.

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