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Daktech Plaidbook 1470- Good internal hardware, but poor chassis design.

We bought some of the DakTech Plaidbook 1470's for our 1 to 1 program and staff machines. Great internal hardware. I have no problems with the performance of the machines for anything we run. But, the hinges and mounts are consistently breaking. The 3 year accidental warranty has helped. However, it's not enough when the hinges and mounts are breaking 1-2 times a year on average. Daktech has told me that is from drop damage. But, I don't believe that every student drops their machine 2-3 times a year. The Dell Latitude machines that we have do not experience any hinge issues and we've had much less drop damage on the Dells. I'm not saying that the drop damage doesn't happen and that students may not always be truthful about it. But, it's much more difficult to determine if it's drop damage when we've had the hinge mounts break on the machines that have been sitting on a desk. They were just opened and closed daily.

What are the pros?

Quality of the internal hardware is good. Performance and use great.

What are the cons?

Hinge mounts and chassis design. It's a shame too. Because otherwise the machines are great.

DakTech is a leading custom computer manufacturer and value-added reseller with over 30 years of industry experience. Our engineering expertise, services, and industry leading warranties bring value and the lowest total cost of ownership for the needs of SMB, government, education, commercial, and retail customers. Select the Browse my computer for driver software option, and then at the bottom of that window, select the Let me pick from a list of device drivers on my computer. Click on Have Disk and browse to the unzipped graphics driver folderGraphics, select the kit51428 setup information file, and see if the driver installs that way. Then restart the PC.

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Our full time jobs are what is shown on the pictures below, basically taking the laptops apart, remove (usually unsolder) the dc power jack from the laptop computer's motherboard, put a brand new dc power jack in, solder the new power jack to the motherboard, put your laptop back together, test it out, make sure everything works and everything was connected properly, package the laptop and send it back to you, everything runs at $100 (parts, labor as well as shipping and handling back to you).

Daktech Laptops & Desktops Drivers

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With any questions feel free to call (847) 529 9441 seven days a week 9a.m. - 8p.m. central time or email: [email protected]

Make and model:DAKTECH MS-16372


If you just want to purchase parts and do the repair yourself you can order the parts from here:laptopport.com

DC Power Jack Repair specializes in dc power jack replacements on laptop computers. DC Power Jack on the laptop notebook computer is also known as a dc (direct current) power port, dc power input, dc power connector, dc power socket, power pin, receptacle etc... Basically it is an inside piece in the laptop where the dc power plug (part of your AC adapter) plugs into. It usually goes bad if for quite some time you had to wiggle jiggle the plug around to make the system power up or charge the battery, it also goes bad if you would accidentally drop the notebook computer from a table and it lands on a dc power plug that would push and break the the inside power jack connector of your laptop. In all the cases the battery is not charging properly.

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If you decide to use our services please pack your laptops very well, please include your AC power adapterwith the package, feel free to remove and keep the hard drive, write anote about who and where to send the laptop back, put down your emailaddress so that UPS would send you a tracking number, write out a personal or business checkin the amount of $100 made out to Applicasoft, and ship your package to

710 MILL CIRCLE #107
(847) 529 9441

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