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Cybernet iOne-H19Be the first one to write a reviewAn all in one desktop computer like the iOne-H19 has the versatility and performance for any business environment or application. It's perfect for health care environments as a medical computer, or in banking and retail as an all-in-one desktop computer. Available in a 19-inch size, this all in one PC is also customizable: the iOne-H19 supports Intel's Core i3, i5 and i7 CPUs and up to 8GB of DDR3 memory. Place your iOne-H19 on a desktop, mount it on a wall or a mobile cart. The iOne-H19 can be used wherever you need to save space.
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Cybernet iOne-MP171Be the first one to write a reviewThe All-in-One Medical PC iOne-MP171 with its impressive worldwide medical certifications including UL60601-1 & EN60601-1 is ideal for hospitals and healthcare facilities for both patients and practitioners. Whether you are planning to deploy new PCs in your OR, ER or a medical cart, the iOne-MP171 is ready to perform. $1,699.99
CyberMed T10 Medical TabletBe the first one to write a reviewThe ideal Medical Mobile Clinical Assistant
Mount it anywhere: wall or cart
Light Enough to Carry Everywhere
Weighs just 1.9 lbs; reduces fatigue
Strong handle with easy grip
Powerful Medical Grade Tablet for EMR
Perfect for patient room use
Antimicrobial for a germ free environment
IP65 sealed front cover, IPX1 back cover
The CyberMed T10 front bezel is waterproof to enable cleaning with liquids. Not a drop can get in!
With its EN60601-1 medical certification, the CyberMed T10 is a Windows tablet built for medical use by health care professionals.


Cybernet Medical Computers on the Front Lines of the UK's COVID-19 Vaccination Program With all of the eyes of the world on the United Kingdom this week as they roll out the most ambitious immunization project in their country's history, Cybernet Manufacturing is playing a small role in the mass vaccination project. Phone: 713 253-3985: Email: [email protected] Energy Efficient and Space Saving: All-in-One PC and Small form factor Computers.

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  2. Jan 18, 2011 Cybernet Manufacturing is a global manufacturer of space-saving, all in one computers serving multiple vertical markets such as health care, banking, government, and education.

The spacedesk SDK (Software Development Kit) for Windows 10 enables easy and convenient development of solutions for virtual and physical displays.


Cybernet Space Saving Laptops Amazon


– Virtual WDDM IddCx Indirect Display Driver (UMDF)
– Virtual HID Keyboard and Touchscreen Driver (UMDF)
– Virtual Mouse Driver (KMDF)
– Image encoding software for Windows
– Network protocol software for Windows, iOS and Android
– Image decoding and rendering software for Windows, iOS and Android


Best in Class Code — spacedesk SDK provides all the infrastructure needed to demonstrate a fully functional WDDM Indirect Display. Starting with this code, developers can add their specific customization (such as count monitors supported, resolutions supported, image processing and encoding, etc.) which differentiates the specific product and provides unique added value.

Easy to understand samples that can be used as a starting point to develop a complete product.

One-time License Fee – NO Royalties. In addition to the broad terms of licensure, spacedesk SDK is licensed for a one-time fee. Products incorporating it my be shipped to end users anywhere in the world without royalties.