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Updating the Configuration files involves copying the new versions of the configuration files to your M3D Crane Series printer's SD card. You will need an SD card reader in order to update the configuration files using this method. Be sure your M3D Crane Series printer is powered OFF before removing the SD card. Crane driver inside a crane that he is operating Crane driver operators walks on a tower crane. Sixty percent of the construction workers who died on the job were killed by falling from roofs, scaffolding or other high places. Based on the right data, CMS enables the crane driver to take fast actions, minimizing crane downtime and optimizing its operation. It is possible to remotely access all this data by means of graphic representation via Remote Crane Management System (RCMS). As hill climb crane driver your job is to load big logs in bulldozer game and transport them to construction site. Due to landsliding, rocks fell down the steep hills and result in road blockage.

ZHIYUN has released new firmware update (V.1.76) for CRANE 2. This new firmware update significantly extends the movement rangeof three axes to enrich your camera movement. The camera compatibility isupgraded to include more Nikon cameras.

Full-range POV

Now with the newest firmware, CRANE 2brings a whole new perspective to POV mode. The full-range 360°synchronous movement on all three axes gives you an immersiveexperience like using an “intelligent” Steadicam.

Vortex Mode

Vortex Mode is now available on CRANE 2 andevolves even further. You can add various dynamic movement to your barrel shotand open limitless possibilities to your creation.

Compatibility Upgrade

With the newest firmware, CRANE 2 is nowcompatible to Nikon Z6 & Z7. You can control various camera parameters andtake photo & video right through the control panel.

Crane Driver Download

How to update the firmware

1. Download calibration upgrade tooland firmware

Enter www.zhiyun-tech.com,Enter CRANE 2 product page and click [download]. Download ZHIYUN USB Driver,Callibration Upgrade Tool and Firmware.

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Crane Driver Download Windows 7

2. Download driver

Unzip ZHIYUN USB Driver file and download[ZYCDC_Setup.exe].

3. Open calibration upgrade tool

Unzip calibration upgrade tool file and open [Zhiyun GimbalTools v1.3.4. exe].

Crane Driver Download Software


4. Update firmware

Unzip firmware file and connect CRANE 2 to the PC. Open thecalibration upgrade tool and click [Open] > [Firmware Upgrade] >[Browse]. Choose [firmware.ptz].

5. Click [Upgrade] and wait forthe update.

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