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NS-Link™ Device Drivers. DeviceMaster® NS-Link device drivers support the DeviceMaster family. NS-Link device drivers are available for Windows and Linux operating systems. Install the NS-Link device driver to use DeviceMaster serial ports as COM or tty ports. You can use the Windows® driver to also set up secure COM ports. Virtual COM port (VCP) drivers cause the USB device to appear as an additional COM port available to the PC. Application software can access the USB device in the This page contains the VCP drivers currently available for FTDI devices. For D2XX Direct drivers, please click here.

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General questions

WO Mic Device driver

Connection questions

Audio quality

3rd party programs


What programs can I use WO Mic device? Can I use it with Skype, recording tool, or voice recognition tools?
Yes, you can. You can use it with any programs that work with real mic device. You can set WO Mic device to be the default recording device for those programs that don't allow you to choose recording device.
WO Mic supports 48000 sampling rate, mono channel and 16 bits per sample.
No, it does not.
Yes, it does. It supports Windows, Linux and Mac OS.
Can I connect multiple phones to PC at same time?
No, you cannot do that with WO Mic. Only 1 connection is allowed.
I cannot find WO Mic audio device. How can I know if the device driver has been installed successfully?
Open WO Mic client and select Help ->Statistics. In the panel, if driver is working well, it should show like Driver state: 1; otherwise, it shall show Driver state: 0. If it's 0, you may check Why does WO Mic driver fail on Windows 7 to make driver work if you are using Windows 7. If it's Windows 10, please contact us with detailed version number and we shall check further.
If you go to the Device Manager, it shows WO Mic driver state is error code 52 which means the driver signature cannot be recognized by Windows 7. WO Mic driver adopts SHA-2 signing algorithm for better security. However, Windows 7 SP1 only supports SHA-1. That's the reason why you are seeing error code 52. To solve that, you need to upgrade Windows 7 or install security patch 3033929 manually. Please visit this Microsoft page for more information.
How can I uninstall WO Mic device driver in Windows?
You can follow the steps to uninstall WO Mic driver in Windows. You might need to reboot your computer after the uninstall is finished.
  1. Press Windows + X
  2. Select Device manager in the popup menu
  3. Click on Sound, video and game controller
  4. Right click on WO Mic Device and select Uninstall
You can follow the steps to uninstall WO Mic driver in Mac. You might need to reboot your computer after the uninstall is finished.
  1. Open Terminal window
  2. Run this command in Terminal window: sudo kextunload /System/Library/Extensions/WOVirtualMic.kext

Control Port Devices Driver Download Windows 10

Why it cannot connect successfully when I'm using Wi-Fi? It's OK with Bluetooth.
For Wi-Fi, TCP port (outgoing from PC. Default is 8125) and UDP port (incoming to PC, default is 41925) are being used. Make sure your firewall on PC does not block these ports.
The control port (TCP port) should be same on phone and PC. The media port (UDP port) can only be configured on PC and will be synchronized to phone during connection establishment.
Go to Settings ->Developer options

Usb Port Drivers Free Download

. Check USB DebuggingControl Port Devices Driver Download.
Please note:
  • On most devices running Android 3.2 or older, you can find the option in Settings > Applications > Development.
  • On Android 4.2 and newer, Developer options is hidden by default. To make it available, go to Settings > About phone and tap Build number seven times. Return to the previous screen to find Developer options.
How can I install USB driver for my Android phone to use USB transport?
Please refer to these pages on how to install USB driver:
  • Google USB driver install guide:
  • Check if ADB driver has been installed correctly:
  • ADB driver software download:
If everything is ok, once you connect phone to your PC by USB cable, your phone should be listed in 'ADB Interface' in Device Manager:
Does this also happen if your laptop display keeps ON? If it does not, please check your computer power options, to ensure that Wi-Fi connection will not be terminated when system enters sleep. Network adapter driver should also be updated to latest one and configured correctly.
There is serious noise like static current. How to avoid it?
Some audio source may be too sensitive to environment noise. Please go to app settings, select different MIC device as audio source and check which is the right one.

Usb Ports Driver Download

This may be caused by different reasons. Here are some tips for your reference:
  • Use USB connection if possible. It's more robust than wireless connection. And its latency is lower.
  • Put WO Mic app into foreground. Android will always give high priority to foreground app to run.
  • Close other apps which may consume too much CPU. WO Mic needs enough CPU duty to do audio packet encoding and transmission.
  • Bluetooth and Wi-Fi are both using 2.4G ISM frequency. They may interfere each other seriously. If it's allowed, while you are using one wireless, you better shut down the other. Please do this on both phone and PC.
WO Mic device is not listed in Skype. How can I use it with Skype?
In Skype audio device setting, select 'Custom device' as audio device. Then Skype allows you to customize microphone and speaker devices separately. Select WO Mic as the microphone device.
  • Android phone: Launch Google Play Store app. Tap Menu ->My Apps ->Subscriptions. Then tap on WO Mic to cancel its subscription.
  • iPhone: Refer to this page: https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT202039

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Scrybe Gesture Workflows can greatly enhance your productivity by expanding your Synaptics TouchPad’s capabilities. By combining Synaptics Gesture Suite’s scrolling, zooming and rotation gestures with Scrybe’s symbols, one can unleash the power of the TouchPad.
The Synaptics device driver is customized to meet the specific requirements of your device manufacturer. To ensure that you get the appropriate device driver for your system, download your Synaptics device driver from your system manufacturer's support website.
For more information on the advanced features enabled by the Synaptics Driver, view our Driver Product Brief.
Note: Installing a generic driver may result in the loss of OEM-customized Synaptics pointing device functionality. Setting a restore point before installing is a quick way to rollback to the previous driver.

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