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We can help you find just the right combination of speed, resolution and operational simplicity. Contex has solutions that include scan-to-file, scan-to-print or multi-functional capabilities. This makes Contex ideal for processing CAD drawings, plans, blueprints, maps, posters, artwork, books and so much more. This document is the property of Contex A/S. COUGAR Tx 36 PLUS. Contex Wide Format Scanner Support, drivers and download. Use the drop down box to reach your scanner's support page and access model relevant downloads and support. Contex COUGAR Tx 36 (1394) Driver (2) Contex COUGAR Tx 36 (SCSI) Driver (2) Contex COUGAR Tx 36+ (1394) Driver (2.

Designed to meet the needs of high-productivity archiving teams, scanning professionals and reprographics departments, the HD Ultra is simply the best large format scanner available. Combine the HD Ultra with our awarded Nextimage software including SnapScan to scan – enhance – save.
ScanStation version available, for a perfect working station to build your high-volume digital archive in no time.
Scan your documents three times faster and enhance the file in AutoCAD, ESRI and other document workflows
The new HD Ultra delivers the best quality image in the world today. No matter whether you scan maps, drawings, posters or fine art, you’ll always capture every detail, on the first try. Designed to meet the needs of technical experts, graphic professionals and reprographics departments, the new HD Ultra is simply the best large format scanner available.
36 inch or 42 inch scanner
Choose between 36 or 42 inches width, each in three different configurations to fit your needs for productivity and image quality. A space-saving MFP version is also available.
The ultimate standard for your digitizing needs
With Contex-enhanced CCD imaging, archiving and productivity-boosting features, you get best-in-class image quality and the fastest and most efficient way to scan, copy, file and archive wide format images, drawings, documents and records.
Accelerates workflows
The new HD Ultra is built for productivity, and the key to productivity for high-volume applications is speed. Not just “inches per second” but actual throughput. Able to scan three times as many documents in a day as any other scanner and designed to improve document management, the new HD Ultra is all about helping you win projects, boost productivity and lower costs.
Fits in your digital workflow
Compatible with AutoCAD®, ESRI® and other software and printers like HP, Canon, Epson etc., the new HD Ultra is astonishingly versatile. Automated paper thickness control, intelligent document size detection, and the ability to handle challenging documents effortlessly mean you can just keep scanning, boosting productivity, winning new business, and ensuring a fast return on your investment.
• = Included º = Upgradable

HD Ultra i3610sHD Ultra i4210sHD Ultra i3650sHD Ultra i4250sHD Ultra i3690sHD Ultra i4290s
Width36 inch (914 mm)42 inch (1067mm)36 inch (914 mm)42 inch (1067mm)36 inch (914 mm)42 inch (1067mm)
Upgradable to 42 inch scan widthººº
Working height 1)36.3 / 37.3 / 38.3 inch (922 / 947 / 972 mm)
Scanning Speed* (inch/sec.): Scanner speed while scanning 36-inch wide document.
200 dpi RGB Color-4,08,0
Upgradable to 4.0 inch/sec colorº
Upgradable to 8.0 inch/sec colorºº
200 dpi Grayscale / Monochrome12.012.012.0
Productivity* (documents/hour): Batch scanning for 60 minutes. Includes paper load and eject time. Measured in completed scans.
Arch E-size, RGB Color,
200 dpi
Arch E-size, Monochrome, 200 dpi620620620
A0-size, RGB Color, 200dpi-307461
A0-size, Monochrome, 200dpi642642642
Maximum Media Width44 inch (1120 mm)44 inch (1120 mm)44 inch (1120 mm)
Optical Resolution1200 dpi1200 dpi1200 dpi
Maximum Resolution9600 dpi9600 dpi9600 dpi
Total number of Pixels213600 pixels213600 pixels213600 pixels
CCD Cameras5 x 4 liniar color CCD’s
(R,G,B and Gray)
5 x 4 liniar color CCD’s
(R,G,B and Gray)
5 x 4 liniar color CCD’s
(R,G,B and Gray)
Maximum Media Thickness0.6 inch (15 mm)0.6 inch (15 mm)0.6 inch (15 mm)
Accuracy0.1% +/- 1 pixel0.1% +/- 1 pixel0.1% +/- 1 pixel
Data Capture (color/mono)- / 16-bit48-bit / 16-bit48-bit / 16-bit
Full 48-bit Data Workflow**º48-bit / 48-bit / 48-bit / 48-bit48-bit / 48-bit / 48-bit / 48-bit
Color SpaceAdobe RGB / Device RGB / RAW RGB / sRGBAdobe RGB / Device RGB / RAW RGB / sRGBAdobe RGB / Device RGB / RAW RGB / sRGB
USB with xDTR
Gigabit Ethernet with xDTR2
Network workflowPull / PushPull / PushPull / Push
Software***AutoCAD®, MicrostationTM, ArcGISTM and all other CAD, GIS and other image editing / storage applications
Fileformats****TIF, JPG, PDF, DWF, CALS, BMP, JPEG-2000(JP2), JPEG2000 Extended(JPX), TIF-G3, TIF-G4, others
Device Drivers32 and 64-bit Windows 8, 7 and Vista
NextimageTWAIN 32-bit TWAIN application driver included for use with EDM and other imaging software
Power Requirements100 - 240V, 60/50Hz, 80W
Weight & Dimensions48 kg, LxWxH: 52.8 x 18.7 x 7.9 inches (134 x 47.5 x 20 cm)
Certifications/complianceRoHS, cUL, CE, COSTUMS-UNION, CCC, VCCI, KC, Ukr, ENERGY STAR Certified

1) Requires optional scanner stand
* Scanning speeds depend on document width and computer configuration
Contex recommends Intel Core Duo, Core 2 Duo, or better processors, 2GB RAM, Hi-speed USB2.
Speed tests performed using Nextimage software, PC with Intel Core i5-2500 Quad processor, 8GB RAM, Hi-speed USB2, 7200rpm HDD, Windows 7 64-bit Ultimate.
** Bit depth for: Data Capture / Scanner Processing / PC Processing / Image File. Create a optional 48-bit TIFF image
*** Contex applications create industry standard raster file formats that can be used in any CAD or GIS application
**** Requires optional Nextimage software
All trademarks remain the property of their respective holders, and are used only to directly describe the product being provided.
Their use in no way indicates any relationship between Contex A/S and the holders of the mentioned trademarks.

Printer Model: Contex HD Ultra
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“Keep your companies projects on time, all the time with A&A Graphics 100% Printer Uptime Guarantee”
100% Uptime Guarantee—Purchase any plotter from A&A Graphics and keep it under our warranty. If for any reason we are unable to repair the issue in 8 business hours we will do all your printing, copying & scanning for free until the issue is resolved to the manufacturer’s specifications for performance.
The only time a printer breaks is when it is needed the most. As a project manager or business owner you can rest a little easier knowing your bids and projects will not be stalled or delayed by printer downtime. A&A Graphics employs 5 factory trained specialists offering same day support in most cases in the Greater Houston Area. HP, KIP, OCE, GRAPHTEC, XEROX all current models and legacy printers supported. We also have an extensive large wide format printer used parts inventory to assist you with any future repairs you may need.

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Delivering world-class scanners to over 90 countries, Contex solutions are recognized by a wide range of industries for reliability, high performance and superb image quality. We have earned our reputation by developing state-of-the-art technology and software. Being the market leader for almost 100 years.

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At Contex we are passionate about creating industry-leading imaging solutions. We continuously strive to improve our business practices, products and services to provide you with the very best.

Contex a/s drivers

Contex A/s Drivers

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We want to make working with large format originals as easy for you as possible. Making sure that your printer is compatible with our scanners is a big part of that quest. That is why we collaborate with the best large format printer companies in the world to provide you with best-in-class printer drivers.

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Contex A/s Driver Review

Contex A/s Driver

Contex A/s Driver Reviews

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