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This should expand the USB devices. Locate the Texas Instruments Graphing Calculator driver. If the item is listed as anything other then Texas Instruments SilverLink (USB GraphLink) Cable and or TI Educational Handheld Device, it will need to be updated. If the driver needs to be updated right click on it and choose Update Driver. NI-Serial is an NI instrument driver that you can use to maximize CPU utilization and increase data throughput from your instrument without changing the baud rate. Nov 27, 2019 If you do not see the NI-VISA driver there, you can download and install the NI-VISA driver from National Instruments VISA Driver Download Page. Once you have this installed, you should see the device within NI MAX under My System»Devices and Interfaces»Serial & Parallel»'Your Device' (ComPort). The complete range of Comark Temperature Probes designed for use with Comark Thermometers, Data Loggers and Transmitters.Sorted by Device Type. Drivers & Downloads Identify your product to get the latest available updates Series - ePC-Lite ePC-II iPC-Fanless iPC 6th Gen IPC 3rd Gen (Original) iPP M-Series nPC3.

Today we will see how to list USB devices in Linux and their properties such as speed, BUS, class, type details etc. This is part of our on going hardware detection series. We already covered following stuff.

What is USB?

USB(Universal Serial Bus) is a stranded developed to replace different types of BUS’s available. This is a solution devices to eliminate vendor lock-down of hardware ports, so that BUS’s will be identical across different devices from different vendors. USB devices solve one more problem i.e. speeds. USB devices can reach up 5GB/s as of this writing where as PCI and serial devices have less speeds. Depending of USB firmware, it’s categorize in to USB 1.0, USB 2.0, USB 3.0. USB have competitor in the from of Thunderbolt interface.

As a Linux User/administrator we should know USB bus details as well as devices connected. In this post we will see how to use lsusb command to display different USB properties.

Example 1: List all the USB ports available



Let us try to understand above output in detail.

Bus 002Device 003: ID 0781:5567SanDisk Corp.Cruzer Blade

Comark Instruments Port Devices Driver

Bus 002 : This is bus number where SanDisk USB stick is attached.

Device 003: This is the third device attached to bus 002, the other two devices are “Linux Foundation 2.0 root hub” and ” Intel Corp. Integrated Rate Matching Hub”

ID 0781:5567 is the number given to this SanDisk, The number before : indicates the manufacture ID and number after : indicates device ID. To get more info on this visit Linux-USB site.

SanDisk Corp. Cruzer Blade is the name of manufacture and device name.

Example 2: Check how many USB ports available in your machine so that we can connect USB devices to these ports.


These ports may be internal or external to the system.

Example : Get detailed information of a USB device connected to a machine. Suppose I want to see information about /dev/bus/usb/002/005 device use below command


To know each of these types, click here.

Example 3: Get all the USB ports available and devices connected using verbose mode.

Comark Instruments Port Devices Driver Download

Clipped output:

Example 4: List all mass storage devices in your system.


Comark Instruments Port Devices Driver License Test

From the above output we can find that there are total three USB storage devices present on the machine.

Example 5: Find USB devices protocol version.

Comark Instruments Port Devices Driver


Depending on the version, the speed varies. Below table give you clear idea about the speeds associated with these versions.

Comark Instruments Port Devices Driver Ed

USB 1.1012Mb/s
USB 2.00480Mb/s
USB 3.005Gb/s

Example 6: Find USB device supported speeds by using tree structure option


Comark Pc

In our next post we will see other hardware device properties.

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