Cnxt Modems Driver

Category: Network & Modems
Manufacturer: Conexant Inc
Caution Level: None
Download File Size: 8.47MB
Operating System: Windows 95A / Windows 95B / Windows 98 / Windows 98SE / Windows ME / Windows 2000 / Windows XP

Conexant Modem Drivers free download - CopyTrans Drivers Installer, Adaptec ASPI Drivers, My Drivers, and many more programs. Conexant Systems. A device driver for a 56K modem offered by Conexant, this file enables your operating system to communicate with the modem hardware. If this file is disabled or uninstalled, your modem will cease functioning. Founded in 1999, Conexant is located in Irvine, California. Conexant. Modem Driver for Mitac. 8222J for Windows. Vista 32 and 64 bit OS Conexant-Ambit HSFi V.90(V.92) 56K PCI Modem Conexant-Ambit SoftK56 Data,Fax PCI Modem Driver.

Windows device driver information for CNXT V9x PCI Modem

PCI (a shortened version of the term PCI Local Bus) is an acronym for Peripheral Component Interconnect. Conventional PCI is a computer bus used to connect a computer's hardware devices. Devices such as these can take the forms of ICs (or Integrated Circuits) integrated in the motherboard (planar devices according to the PCI standard), or slot-inserted expansion cards. Modern PCs often have the PCI Local Bus technology, replacing VESA and ISA Local Bus as the conventional expansion bus. Numerous types of computers also utilize this technology. PCI-X and PCI Express are a couple of more sophisticated, faster technologies available, although the traditional PC still retains widespread popularity.

Outdated Drivers?


Unless you update your drivers regularly you may face hardware performance issues.

To check your drivers you should manually verify every device on your system for driver updates

Standard PCI technology includes spacing between wires among other physical characteristics. It also covers bus timing, electrical specifications, and protocols. Disk controllers, network cards, modems, serial ports, sound cards, USB ports, TV tuners, and the like are the usual PCI cards found within a PC. Older video cards also fell under the PCI bracket, although the requirements for higher bandwidth soon surpassed PCIs capacities. There are still existing PCI video cards without PCI Express or AGP slots. These allow PC upgrades and support for additional monitors. Devices that used to be provided as expansion cards are, at present, incorporated into the structure of the motherboard. Thus, many contemporary personal computing systems do not have provisions for these cards. Some specific cards still use PCI technology, although USB devices (in terms of capability) have replaced expansion cards. It is highly recommended you run a free registry scan for Windows and CNXT V9x PCI Modem errors before installing any driver updates.

Please see the README file for general information.


Remove any old HCF modem drivers, either manually or byrunning 'rpm -e hcfpcimodem'('rpm -e hcfusbmodem' for the USB version)or 'make uninstall' if using the RPM or tar versions of thispackage respectively.

Note: if you had an older version of this package, it might have beeninstalled under the previous 'hcflinmodem' name. In that case,run 'rpm -e hcflinmodem' (or 'make uninstall' in the *old* package tree).


If your Linux distribution supports the RPM Package Manager,it is easiest to install the binary RPM package with METHOD A.If your system is based on Debian (DPKG), METHOD B is for you.METHOD C is for distributions without RPM or DPKG support,or those who prefer not to use packages.

If you obtained the driver as a '.zip' file, extract itfirst with 'unzip <filename>.zip'.


If you have obtained the driver package in RPM format:

1. install the rpm with 'rpm -i hcfpcimodem-{version}.{arch}.rpm'('rpm -i hcfusbmodem-{version}.{arch}.rpm' for the USB version)

2. if necessary, run 'hcfpciconfig'('hcfusbconfig' for the USB version)to complete the installation, enter license information, or to change yourmodem's configuration.

If you need to rebuild the generic RPM from source, youcan get the TAR package and run: 'rpmbuild -tb hcf*modem-{version}.tar.gz'(if rpmbuild is not found, you might have to install the rpm-buildpackage or if you have an older RPM version, try 'rpm --rebuild ...').If you want a pre-compiled package for the currently running kernel,you can try 'make rpmprecomp' in the top directory.


If you have obtained the driver package in DEBIAN format:

What Is A Modem Driver

1. install the package with 'dpkg -i hcfpcimodem_{version}_{arch}.deb',('dpkg -i hcfusbmodem_{version}_{arch}.deb' for the USB version)if apt-get or some other tool hasn't already done it for you.

2. if necessary, run 'hcfpciconfig'('hcfusbconfig' for the USB version)to complete the installation, enter license information, or to change yourmodem's configuration.

If you need to rebuild the Debian generic package from source, you canget the TAR package, and from the top directory run: 'make debdist'.A pre-compiled DEB package for the currently running kernel can bebuilt using 'make debprecomp' instead.


If you have obtained the driver package in tar format:

1. extract the package with 'tar -xzf hcfpcimodem-{version}.tar.gz'('tar -xzf hcfusbmodem-{version}.tar.gz' for the USB version)

2. change to the package directory with 'cd hcfpcimodem-{version}'('cd hcfusbmodem-{version}' for the USB version)

3. run 'make install' from the top of the package directory.

4. run 'hcfpciconfig'('hcfusbconfig' for the USB version) to completethe installation and configure your modem.

(Alternatively to this whole procedure you may generate RPMS from the tarpackage using rpmbuild -ta hcf{pci usb}modem-{version}.tar.gz')

Conexant Windows 7 Driver Download


If an error occurred during installation, please see the sections 'BUGS'and 'REPORTING PROBLEMS' below.

Once the modem is installed and configured, you may access itas /dev/ttySHCF0 (or ttySHCFUSB0 for the USB version).Additionally, you can use it via the symbolic link /dev/modem(equivalent to ttySHCF0 / ttySHCFUSB0). If you have more than one HCFmodem, the second will be available as /dev/ttySHCF1, the thirdas /dev/ttySHCF2 and so forth.

Please review the permissions on the device nodes with 'ls -l' to ensurethat they are adequate for your system.

The 'hcfpciconfig' command ('hcfusbconfig' for the USB version) can be usedto change certain modem configuration options or recompile (generic packagesonly) the kernel modules after installation. Run 'hcfpciconfig --help'('hcfusbconfig --help' for the USB version) for usage information.


To enable your modem's full functionality (high-speed 56k data and FAX),a license registration key must be obtained from Linuxant and entered with'hcfpciconfig --license'('hcfusbconfig --license' for the USB version).

Without a proper license key, the modem can only operate in FREE mode,limited to a maximum speed of 14.4Kbps (V.32bis) and the FAXfunctionality will not be available.


With 'hcfpciconfig --region'('hcfusbconfig --region' for the USB version)you may select another region (country) supported by your modem.


The modem drivers can be manually unloaded using the 'hcfpcistop'('hcfusbstop' for the USB version) command.


If your modem uses a chipset supported by the drivers but isn'trecognized by the driver, please contact [email protected]


See the included document 100498D_RM_HxF_Released.pdf (viewable withAdobe Acrobat reader or other PDF readers).

Cnxt Modem Driver Wireless


If for any reason you wish to un-install the HCF drivers from yoursystem, simply run the 'hcfpciconfig --uninstall'('hcfusbconfig --uninstall'for the USB version) command in a root shell.


If you require license keys, assistance or need more information, go to: http://www.linuxant.com

Conexant Systems neither distributes nor maintains this package.PLEASE DO NOT CONTACT CONEXANT REGARDING THIS SOFTWARE!!!


A list of currently known problems is included in the file 'BUGS'.


If you experience sudden disconnects or bad connections, please checkthe last call status information, which can be obtained with theAT#UG command or 'cat /proc/driver/hcf/0/lastcallstatus'.Alternatively the driver can be configured to automatically logthis data upon carrier loss by adding the 'loglastcallstatus=1' parameterto the

Motorola Modem Driver

'options hcfserial'

Conexant Usb Cx93010 Driver

line in /etc/modules.conf or /etc/modprobe.conf.


Additional problem reports or patches may be sent to: [email protected]

Cnxt Modems Drivers

Enclosing the output of 'hcfpciconfig --dumpdiag'('hcfusbconfig --dumpdiag' for the USB version) and the last call statusinformation if pertinent (see above) in your report can greatlyfacilitate problem resolution.