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SALT LAKE CITY, Jan. 12, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Ushering in the new year with a commitment to make true-to-life video collaboration possible for everyone, ClearOne (NASDAQ: CLRO), a global provider of audio and visual communications solutions, today announced the immediate availability of two new powerful cameras that enhance the ease and visual quality of online collaboration beyond the capabilities of integrated laptop and PC cameras.

  1. Clearone Network & Wireless Cards Drivers
  2. Clearone Network & Wireless Cards Drivers
  1. Network Media Streaming Best-in-class VideoDSP™ products offer the highest-quality audio and video streaming and distribution over IP networks. These AVoIP® products—using patented StreamNet® technology—replace the hardware-based traditional matrix switchers and traditional video wall processors.
  2. ClearOne provide voice and visual communication solutions to the world, a global company that designs, develops and sells conferencing, collaboration, and network streaming & signage solutions for voice and visual communications. The performance and simplicity of its advanced, comprehensive solutions offer unprecedented levels of functionality, reliability and scalability.

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With the new ClearOneUNITE® 10, the company’s most affordable camera ever, and the feature-rich ClearOneUNITE 50 4K AF that includes Auto-Framing technology for automatic single- or multi-person capture, everyone can take on the new year with the confidence provided by stunning video that puts them in the best possible light.

Clearone Network & Wireless Cards Drivers

“A new year presents all of us with the opportunity to improve the way we come across to our teammates in an online work or learning environment,” ClearOne Chair and CEO Zee Hakimoglu said. “During the pandemic, we recognized that millions of people were expected to use video collaboration tools, for the first time, and the rapid societal shift to home-based and remote work left a lot of people desiring higher quality video solutions to ensure they make a good impression and enjoy reliable, clear and efficient communication.”

For users who want to upgrade from the basic camera included in their laptop or PC, ClearOne has lowered the barrier of entry with its most affordable webcam ever, the UNITE 10. The small, powerful webcam supports up to 1080p video quality and offers autofocus.

The UNITE 10 can capture five-megapixel images with a field of view up to 87 degrees, while major competitors at this price point only achieve 78-degree field of view. The UNITE 10 attaches any PC or laptop with a simple mounting bracket, and a 1.5m USB-A cable ensures simple connection to most modern computers. The UNITE 10 is also available to dealers and distributors in 20 packs for commercial sale.

The new UNITE 50 4K AF camera is a major upgrade over traditional webcams and introduces ClearOne’s new Auto-Framing technology that automatically frames meeting participants to maximize screen use through intelligent image algorithms and ePTZ automation (electronic pan, tilt and zoom). With 4K video quality at 30 Hz, auto-focus capability, 4x digital zoom, more than 8 megapixels of total resolution and an ultra-wide 110-degree field of view, the UNITE 50 4K AF ePTZ is equally capable of delivering incredible image quality from a home office as it is at capturing all participants in an office boardroom.

The UNITE 50 4K AF is an ideal choice for managers or executives who require the absolute best remote video presentation available and also want a solution that can be used for in-office meetings. The camera can be controlled through an IR remote, further simplifying use and enabling real-time control of pan, tilt and zoom to provide greater control when capturing multi-person meeting environments. A standard damping mount ensures fast, easy installation, while an included USB 3.0 cable provides both power and video.

Clearone Network & Wireless Cards Driver

Both new ClearOne cameras enable life-like video quality to web-based conferencing applications including ClearOne’s COLLABORATE® Space, WebEx™, Google Meet, Zoom™, GoToMeeting™, and Microsoft® Teams.

ClearOne’s COLLABORATE Space is a powerful, award-winning collaboration tool that delivers a full suite of audio, video conferencing, web conferencing, and meeting tools in a persistent space. COLLABORATE Space comes with everything needed for online meetings, including messaging, integrated file sharing, whiteboarding, annotation, meeting minutes, scheduling, and more.

To download a free COLLABORATE Space lifetime subscription with unlimited video meeting time, click here.

Clearone Network & Wireless Cards Drivers

“Whether a student wants their instructor and classmates to see them more clearly or an office manager needs a multi-purpose camera with the benefit of artificial intelligence framing functions, ClearOne’s newest products of 2021 are accommodating ‘the new normal’ with HD quality and accessibility for any budget,” Hakimoglu added.

To learn more about UNITE 10, click here. To learn more about UNITE 50 4K AF, click here.

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