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CmapTools for iPad is the perfect tool to rapidly construct concept maps and knowledge models on your iPad and share them on the Cmap Cloud. An accessory, supplied by C-MAP, is the USB C-CARD Reader which connects to your computer via a USB port, and will permit use of any NT+ C-MAP Cartridge within SOB. The Card Reader can take two C-MAP cards at one time, and further chart cards can be 'hot-swapped' without the need to close or re-start SOB. What about CM93 charts, do they work? C-MAP by Jeppesen DPS USB is a program released by the software company Jeppesen Italia. Sometimes, users choose to uninstall this program. This is difficult because deleting this manually requires some knowledge related to PCs. One of the best EASY approach to uninstall C-MAP by Jeppesen DPS USB is to use Advanced Uninstaller PRO. C-MAP 4D charting requires Maps Manager, OpenGL 3.0 support and Internet Explorer 10 or higher. See the graphics driver links on the resources page. The WWD303 More Free Basemaps chart download is recommended - see the Expedition help and My Maps in Exp. At present we do not recommend updating this chart once installed.

C-map Driver



C-map Driver

Soon I will be on the boat and cannot ask so many questions..... But I am trying to install C-Map PC planner on an old laptop, dell latitude with win XP, I did have it working previously but after changing HD (migrating it) and RAM and having a new card reader from Jeppesen club thought I would install that, particularly as the code on the bottom of the card read (old one) is no longer legible.
So the software installs ok but will only come up in demomode, no opportunity to enter codes etc. I did plug the card reader in too soon but have deleted the previous installation and drivers and checked I am using the correct driver and believe I am. Would there be some buried place where driver info is hiding? Can anyone help with advice on where to go now. I have contacted Jeppesen who sent an email explaining driver issues but this has not helped. Really stuck.
Had hoped this would be the ultimate solution laptop for planning and CP180 at the helm, but so far not looking good....