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Now reading:SCT X4 / Bully Dog BDX Download instructions for custom tunes
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  • Bully Dog’s BDX and GT Diesel offer preloaded tuning for the 2013-2016 Cummins. The Unlock provided by the GTX Watchdog is also compatible with other custom tuning solutions, enabling drivers to choose the best option to match their needs. Bully Dog does not currently offer custom tuning for Cummins.
  • This is done by going to our Down - loadcenterontheBullyDogwebsiteandclickingonthelinklabeled“SetupFilesandDrivers”underthe “Download Agent” link. Follow the instructions below to use this alternative method. 1.The file you download here will depend upon the operating system you’re using on your computer.
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  • Unlock Driver Door. The Update Agent is an online software program created to update electronic Bully Dog Products. Download the Update Agent today!

The custom tunes for your vehicle are cloud based - meaning you will need an internet/Wi-Fi connection. As well PC based computer.

Function to make only the driver's door window (or all windows, depending on vehicle grade) and sunroof (if equipped) close manually by turning the driver-side door key cylinder to the lock side for 1.5 seconds when the ignition is OFF.

  • Plug tuner into truck
  • Navigate to download tunes section and click yes
  • It will ask you to connect to Wi-Fi and you must connect at this time
  • It will ask if you want to check cloud for tunes - click yes.
  • You will get a list of tunes you can download to you truck. Typically, its easiest to download all tunes at this time.
  • You can then change tunes without requiring Wi-Fi in the future

Bully Dog Download Center

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Alternatively, plug in the tuner to you computer and download the SCT Update Agent. You can then click on the updater and select 'load cloud tunes'

SCT - https://derivesystems.helpjuice.com/sct-software/353181-device-updater

Bully Dog - https://derivesystems.helpjuice.com/49686-bully-dog-general-questions/344100-where-do-i-find-the-device-updater

*** IMPORTANT NOTE *** - if you need support, you can call SCT @ 866-637-1672. Do NOT mention that you are trying to load custom/delete tunes. If you mention anything about emissions equipment being removed they will not be able to help you.

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Comments to this Manuals Your Name. Obdii Adapter Plug 4. On the extreme setting, my truck will burn the tires through the first three gears, and I’m doing 60 REAL quick. The parts described in the diagram below will be referred to in this section of the installation instructions. Always having to reset it.

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Comments to this Manuals Your Name. In addition, the customer support is horriable. Page 31 Bully Dog products dealer or our in house technical support staff to identify the correct vehicle. Page 21 It is recommended that you mount both a pre-turbo and a post-turbo Pyrometer Probe if a vehicle is running more than 50 horsepower over stock.

See New Part BT It is used primarily for internet updates. All stock for now.


Bully Dog PMT Installation Manual

When entering a setup menu for any of the defuel options the menu will have a list of defuel levels to select from based on that specific defuel parameter. Bully Dog products dealer or our in house technical support staff to identify the correct vehicle. Press the top left button to enter the Main Menu, also use this button to exit menus.

The Update Agent Page 63 – Section 3: Dig rest of the Installation Overview installation instructions will instruct how to install the PMT in detail.

Bully Dog Driver Download

With all assembly pieces gathered, refer to the Pillar Pod Mount Assembly Diagram for a visual reference on how the assembly fits together. The easy to use interface offers both push button or touch screen navigation; both navigation styles come with each unit and are active all the time.

Bully Dog PMT (Performance Management Tool)

Versions in the View menu. For more information on up-to-date troubleshooting guide for the PMT, go to www. Some other changes in bklly version include: There are three transmission tune styles available: Bad Service, Bad Results.

It made a exhaust TICK throghout the cab of the truck regardless of numberous times removing it and trying to fix it. Originally Posted by soccrkid64 View Post.

Bully Dog PMT (Performance Management Tool)

Driver Download For Windows 10

Password Please enter a password for your user account. A-Pillars come in black but can be painted to match vehicle interior colors. Enter text from picture: Main Screen Navigation Main Screen. Obdii Adapter Plug 4.

Table ueb Contents Add to my manuals Add. If you are attempting to update the PMT, check the software versions and try again. The PMT is being transferred to a new vehicle, in which case it is very important that you make sure that the last vehicle was completely returned to stock before the transfer.

Driver Download Nvidia

Bully Dog Driver Download

Quote message in reply? It is very important to note if Pyro 1 is displaying pre or post-turbo exhaust gas temperatures, and the same for Pyro 2. This software is required to update the PMT. The Vehicles Menu is only used for two reasons: Read Diagnostic Codes off of the engine computer, find out what the code description is and then erase the code from the vehicle computer.

The black bar highlights buply title of one of the four displayed vehicle parameters to indicate that vehicle parameter is also being displayed on the large gauge. This is what you will see when the information on the SD card matches the current file information on the PMT.

Bully Dog Download Windows 10

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