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Try to fix malfunctioning USB ports whose drivers are corrupted, outdated or unrecognized by Windows due to various reasons using this tool

Every now and then, you may get a USB not recognized error message when attempting to plug in your mouse, keyboard, camera or other devices. If the problem persists after you rebooted your computer, then there is a chance that the issue is related to out-of-date drivers or a possible conflict between two connected USB devices.

USB Port Fixer is a lightweight utility designed to correct several causes that are generally responsible for the time when the USB cannot read, write or recognize the device you connect.

Fixes USB problems swift and automatically

The app is portable and hence, does not entail installation, but rather you can decompress the archive in any desired location on your hard drive. Upon launch, you are welcomed by a pop-up window that presents a summary of what the tool does and prompts you to save your work.

As indicated in the message, you can restart the computer right away or the program does not automatically in 60 seconds once you launched the tool. There is no need to configure the app as everything is done automatically.

Open the Device Manager and check if the problem is solved

Following the reboot of your system, you can open the Device Manager, navigate to the Universal Serial Bus controllers and determine whether the ports are being recognized. Basically, you should be able to view all associated USB ports along with the Root Hub functional and without that exclamation point that indicates an unknown device.

While not a major drawback, since it attempts to resolve issues fast enough, it would have been nice if the utility allowed viewing all ports along with the associated issues that can prevent them from functioning.

A handy tool that can help you fix various USB port issues

In the eventuality that you are having troubles connecting your gadgets to the computer, despite the fact that the USB cables are working fine, then you can consider using USB Port Fixer to address multiple issues that are generating the errors or problem.

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USB Port Fixer 1.0

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Bticino Port Devices Driver Download For Windows Usb

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Bticino Port Devices Driver Download For Windows Xp

The CH340 chip is used by a number of Arduino compatible boards to provide USB connectivity, you may need to install a driver, don’t panic, it’s easier than falling off a log, and much less painful.


(Manufacturer’s Chinese Info Link)

  1. Download the Windows CH340 Driver
  2. Unzip the file
  3. Run the installer which you unzipped
  4. In the Arduino IDE when the CH340 is connected you will see a COM Port in the Tools > Serial Port menu, the COM number for your device may vary depending on your system.

Driver Downloads For Windows 7

Older Windows Driver Version and Instructions

  1. Download the Windows CH340 Driver
  2. Unzip the folder.
  3. If you are running a 64Bit Windows: – run the SETUP_64.EXE installer.
  4. If you are running a 32Bit Windows: – run the SETUP_32.EXE installer.
  5. If you don’t know, try the 64 bit and if it doesn’t work, the 32 bit.
  6. In the Arduino IDE when the CH340 is connected you will see a COM Port in the Tools > Serial Port menu, the COM number for your device may vary depending on your system.


(Manufacturer’s Chinese Info Link)

The following github has up to day pkg files for 1.3, 1.4 and 1.5 at time of writing, thanks to Joshua Wallis for bringing this to my attention…

Direct Download Links (from the github repo above):

See the github link above for installation instructions if you need them.

Previous macinstosh downloads if the above doesn’t work for you…

(V1.3) Download the CH340 Macintosh Signed Driver for Mavericks (10.9), Yosemite (10.10) and El Capitan (10.11) and Sierra (10.12)

Inside the zip file you will find a PDF and a “pkg” file, short version, double click the pkg file, the PDF has some extra information.

OSX Sierra (10.12) Note

A kindly user, Maarten Segers reports

FYI, the driver documented here WILL crash on OSX Sierra.

Make sure to use this one instead: https://github.com/MPParsley/ch340g-ch34g-ch34x-mac-os-x-driver

I can personally not test on MacOS and can not vouch for the above drivers at github, but there you go.

See uninstalling information at the bottom of the page if the driver causes problems for you.

Here is an older version of the Mac driver, NOT FOR 10.12 Sierra

(V1.0) Download the CH340 Macintosh Signed Driver for Mavericks (10.9), Yosemite (10.10) and El Capitan (10.11)

Driver Download For Windows 10


(Manufacturer’s Chinese Info Link)

Drivers are almost certainly built into your Linux kernel already and it will probably just work as soon as you plug it in. If not you can download the Linux CH340 Driver (but I’d recommend just upgrading your Linux install so that you get the “built in” one).

Uninstalling From Macinstosh

A couple of Mac users have said “the driver crashes my mac Sierra how do I uninstall”.

Firstly regards the crash make sure you installed the 1.3 version of the driver, not the old one. You could download it directly from the Manufacturers Website in case they have issued an update since I wrote this page.

Secondly a quick google search reveals that this is how you uninstall:

  1. Open a terminal and type: cd /Library/Extensions/
  2. Verify that the .kext file is present: ls grep usbserial.kext
  3. Output should be: usbserial.kext
  4. Then type: sudo rm -R usbserial.kext
  5. Verify that the .kext file has been removed: ls grep usbserial.kext
  6. Output should be empty.
  7. After you should remove the files stored in receipts folder: cd /private/var/db/receipts/
  8. Find the enties: ls grep usbserial*
  9. Output should be: codebender.cc.ch34xinstaller.usbserial.pkg.bom codebender.cc.ch34xinstaller.usbserial.pkg.plist
  10. Remove each one of the files of the above list: sudo rm -r filename`