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The Drive Product-Family of BRUNNER is a strong portfolio of compact and powerful AC and DC Servo Drives. Our Drives are used in complex industrial automation environments for fast and precise positioning and synchronized movements allowing highest system dynamics. The communication interface is able to handle CANopen or EtherCAT. BRUNNER ELEKTRONIK AG. Industriestrasse 27 CH-8335 Hittnau. Tel +41 (0)44 953 1010 fax +41 (0)44 953 1019.

  1. Brunen It Driver License Test
[center]Installing a Driver when there's no Installation .EXE file to run[/center]
Drivers typically download as an EXE or ZIP file...
When a driver downloads as an .EXE file, you only need double click the .EXE. The EXE file installs the driver for you
If a driver downloads as a .ZIP file: Extract the content and save to a folder on your Desktop. Open the folder and look if there's a Setup.exe file
If you see a Setup.exe double click to run it
  • On occasion the setup file may be named something else
  • If you happen to see a file named Uninstall.exe, ignore it. It's the uninstaller, not the installation EXE

But if the top level of the folder doesn't include a Setup.exe installation file, try directing Windows to the folder you want it to install
Brunei driver
  1. Open Device Manager. Right click the the device you want to install. Select Update Driver
  2. Click No, not this time then Next
  3. Click Install from a list or specific location then Next
  4. Check Include this location in the search then Browse to the folder you saved on your Desktop (I.e. the extracted ZIP file) then Next
  5. If Windows thinks the driver in the folder is a match for the device you selected, it will install it. Reboot to allow driver installation to complete
Once driver installation is complete you can delete the folder on your Desktop. (But you may want to save it somewhere should you ever need to reinstall the driver again)
TIP: fyi.... When you use this method to direct Windows
> Windows is looking for .INF files in the folder (Windows ignores EXE files in this case. It looks for INF files to tell it how to do the install)

Brunen It Driver License Test

> If there are no INF files in the folder, Windows won't even let you select the folder when you Browse in step 4‚Äč