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I got my lumia 620 hardbricked about a month ago while rolling back to windows 8.1 from windows 10 tech preview for phone .
i know there is a shit loads of people having their dead phones with them in the dust. about 2-3 days ago i came to a post which got myself a fully functional phone from a toy to my brother.


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so down below are the steps i followed .
first you need to download some files like drivers and the softwares .

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X2_FlashDriver_Emergency_XP.rar (up to windows 8 32b)

X2_FlashDriver_Emergency.msi (windows 8 64b)

HEX files (subject of changes, please tell me about newer versions)

We only have hex files for x2x lumias (excl. 1520)

Confirmed_HEX.zip confirmed working RM 846, 892, 820, 821

Alternate_HEX.zip nearly all hex files we have


WPRT (contains thor2.exe)

Data Package Manager

important folders: (dont worry if you don’t have them : i didn’t had them either :P) but helps if you do have them


C:Program Files (x86)Microsoft Care SuiteWindows Phone Recovery Tool

C:Program FilesMicrosoft Care SuiteWindows Phone Recovery Tool

64bit OS 32bit OS

install Nokia DataPackage manager and fix pre dpm (DataPackage Manager)

locate this label on your phone and write down

Type e.g. RM-846

Code e.g. 059S2G1

If you can’t find it, try searching here


launch DPM, if asked for login, select something from dropdown

enter your Type and Code, press search and click download (the play button)

after it’s 100%, we are done with DPM


install WPRT and all drivers from Nokia_WP8x_NXP_MTKx_Asha.rar

create C:lumia folder (important)

We need to install/replace QHSUSB_DLOAD driver

open Device Manager – devmgmt.msc


right click, uninstall and tick Delete driver software

now you should have

Windows 7 (Try win 8 part, should also work on win 7 and tell me)

extract X2_FlashDriver_Emergency_XP.rar to C:lumiadriver

right click on , update driver, browse my computer, type in C:lumiadriver

click next, if asked to install unsigned driver, confirm

Windows 8


Install X2_FlashDriver_Emergency.msi (please confirm this works)

click in device manager


(if you don’t undrstand how to edit following commands i attached some screenshots at THE BOTTOM; zoom it and help yourself :P)

We need to extract GPT0.bin, which is in the software we just downloaded

open Admin command prompt (cmd.exe). Commands to enter are Yellow

cd C:Program Files (x86)Microsoft Care SuiteWindows Phone Recovery Tool

locate FFU file in C:ProgramDataNokiaPackagesProducts and change the red part below
thor2 -mode ffureader -ffufile “C:ProgramDataNokiaPackagesProductsrm-XXXrest_of_path_to_file.ffu” -dump_gpt -filedir C:lumia

look for this in command output, this is your RootKeyHash (RKH) (THOSE TWO BIG LINES DOWN IN THE SCREENSHOT), save it for later

you shout get two files in C:lumia

open Confirmed_HEX and Alternate_HEX and MPRG_HEX

look for hex file with same name as your Type


if you can’t find it, look for hex file with name matching your RKH

and copy it to C:lumia and rename to HEX.hex

Brike Driver

flash the bootloader

thor2 -mode emergency -hexfile C:lumiaHEX.hex -mbnfile C:lumiaGPT0.bin -orig_gpt

Reboot the phone

if you get Red Screen with NOKIA logo go to FLASH SYSTEM

SAFE hex file was used and unallowed memory address was being written

PROBABLY means bootloader flashed (for RM-846)

Reboot the phone (pull usb and battery out OR hold power for ~15s)

If you still get QHSUSB, try again. You should get Red screen in 5 tries


After you get Red Screen with NOKIA logo continue below

means Phone not detected common cause is incorrectly installed driver


means invalid/wrong hex file


You have to charge the device first. Connect it to charger (not PC) and let it sit for 30mins

flash FFU:

thor2 -mode uefiflash -maxtransfersizekb 256 -ffufile “C:ProgramDataNokiaPackagesProductsrm-XXXrest_of_path_to_file.ffu”

optional use only after flashing failed multiple times (Scenario 1)

when you get to 100% and get Green Screen on your phone, you are almost done

now just reboot to windows

thor2 -mode rnd -bootnormalmode

First boot takes a long time and seems to have no progress

at first, there is small white NOKIA logo

then black screen with backlight on

this took about 15 minutes on lumia 620, 3 minutes on lumia 520

Scenario 1: many fails

It will reach ~5% and then crash. Reboot the phone (hold power for ~15sec) and try again

Now it may reach 10%, next time 15%, then 20.

Above 20 it increments by 10%.

Eventually it will get to 100%

Scenario 2: no fail

It will go straight to 100% with no crash

D_ERR : Rebooting from the WP/MMOS failed

Reboot the phone


0xFA001106: Signature check of FFU file fails

currently unfixable, unknown cause

Failed to read number of eMMC sectors. eMMC is not working

Might be fixable with JTAG (phone repair shop)

FFU signature invalid

have you downloaded the right FFU with Nokia DPM?

In case your broke while “downgrading” from W10, you’ll probably have to wait until W10 ffu is released.

tell me yours

RM-914 Lumia 520 confirmed hex

F771E62AF89994064F77CD3BC16829503BDF9A3D506D3FACEC AEF3F808C868FD


7C81AABA97E4904DB782605A6C74A59480361E5A363337B2EF 5B8F925763110B

RM-917 Lumia 521

9DF6E11153C33AA85F7984C21EFA43AEDF9B82BE52199E83AE 53AA7625019F65

RM-846 Lumia 620 confirmed hex
67131691EEDD1F38568C7FFAE284FB2621680FEAC833314467 E31DAA963D1467

RM-943 Lumia 625 no bin/hex files

3676E9A0045A7EF8417B8E0E0677CED5F9DD47799826AEAE75 F7081818DE716E


RM-824 Lumia 820

DB73418E5840941CE7BD35949085B8F74628D511F19285A092 ED3B600A64CC29

RM-820 Lumia 920

00E9427DF118D9E27D098D13BECB6C6C89CE59F4ECCF5549C4 9BC0DB952A6BB4

RM-821 confirmed hex

00E9427DF118D9E27D098D13BECB6C6C89CE59F4ECCF5549C 49BC0DB952A6BB4

RM-892 Lumia 925 confirmed hex

CD84376222AAF204C85119532BF34EA55C8844E4CEA35F3E50 8D25AA34D96637



RM-877 Lumia 1020

0CBD2EED6F62230571CBAB55B7DBC15F8A7DC7BB3F37C1E7E4 E5ADC77152FBC2

RM-994 Lumia 1320

RM-937 Lumia 1520 no bin/hex files

3774964A7E6AC7EF7D428DDC0C0EAD71640B0D8DD3BFC38291 10AF2D8ED68D7C


Src: http://www.myownsteps.com/2015/05/fix-your-hardbricked-lumia-phones-only.html

Thanks Jakub! Its helped for me!

Estimated reading time: 5 minutes

This page applies to Compose file formats version 2 and higher. Networking features are not supported for Compose file version 1 (legacy).

By default Compose sets up a singlenetwork for your app. Eachcontainer for a service joins the default network and is both reachable byother containers on that network, and discoverable by them at a hostnameidentical to the container name.


Your app’s network is given a name based on the “project name”,which is based on the name of the directory it lives in. You can override theproject name with either the --project-name flagor the COMPOSE_PROJECT_NAME environment variable.

For example, suppose your app is in a directory called myapp, and your docker-compose.yml looks like this:

When you run docker-compose up, the following happens:

  1. A network called myapp_default is created.
  2. A container is created using web’s configuration. It joins the networkmyapp_default under the name web.
  3. A container is created using db’s configuration. It joins the networkmyapp_default under the name db.

In v2.1+, overlay networks are always attachable

Starting in Compose file format 2.1, overlay networks are always created asattachable, and this is not configurable. This means that standalonecontainers can connect to overlay networks.

In Compose file format 3.x, you can optionally set the attachable propertyto false.

Dechambeau Broke Driver

Each container can now look up the hostname web or db andget back the appropriate container’s IP address. For example, web’sapplication code could connect to the URL postgres://db:5432 and startusing the Postgres database.

It is important to note the distinction between HOST_PORT and CONTAINER_PORT.In the above example, for db, the HOST_PORT is 8001 and the container port is5432 (postgres default). Networked service-to-servicecommunication uses the CONTAINER_PORT. When HOST_PORT is defined,the service is accessible outside the swarm as well.

Within the web container, your connection string to db would look likepostgres://db:5432, and from the host machine, the connection string wouldlook like postgres://{DOCKER_IP}:8001.

Update containers

If you make a configuration change to a service and run docker-compose up to update it, the old container is removed and the new one joins the network under a different IP address but the same name. Running containers can look up that name and connect to the new address, but the old address stops working.

If any containers have connections open to the old container, they are closed. It is a container’s responsibility to detect this condition, look up the name again and reconnect.


Links allow you to define extra aliases by which a service is reachable from another service. They are not required to enable services to communicate - by default, any service can reach any other service at that service’s name. In the following example, db is reachable from web at the hostnames db and database:

See the links reference for more information.

Multi-host networking

When deploying a Compose application on an Docker Engine with Swarm mode enabled,you can make use of the built-in overlay driver to enable multi-host communication.

Consult the Swarm mode section, to see how to set upa Swarm cluster, and the Getting started with multi-host networkingto learn about multi-host overlay networks.

Specify custom networks

Instead of just using the default app network, you can specify your own networks with the top-level networks key. This lets you create more complex topologies and specify custom network drivers and options. You can also use it to connect services to externally-created networks which aren’t managed by Compose.

Each service can specify what networks to connect to with the service-levelnetworks key, which is a list of names referencing entries under the top-levelnetworks key.

Here’s an example Compose file defining two custom networks. The proxy service is isolated from the db service, because they do not share a network in common - only app can talk to both.

Brice Driver

Networks can be configured with static IP addresses by setting the ipv4_address and/or ipv6_address for each attached network.

Networks can also be given a custom name (since version 3.5):

For full details of the network configuration options available, see the following references:

Configure the default network

Brike Driver Wanted

Instead of (or as well as) specifying your own networks, you can also change the settings of the app-wide default network by defining an entry under networks named default:

Broken Driver Window Lexus Es 350

Use a pre-existing network

If you want your containers to join a pre-existing network, use the external option:

Bike Driver Jobs

Instead of attempting to create a network called [projectname]_default, Compose looks for a network called my-pre-existing-network and connect your app’s containers to it.

Broken Driver License Still Valid

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