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Many people complain that “my eyes sore after using computer or mobile for a long time”, well it is all because of the blue light radiations that are emitting from your electronic devices such as laptops, computers, mobiles, TV, Tablets, Kindle, etc. There are steps which will show you how to reduce blue light and protect your eyes. 2019-04-01 FiiOUSBDACDriver-V4.47.0.exe 끂 91341 2.22 MB 2019-04-01 Installation and usage guide of the new generic USB DAC driver for FiiO players & DAC.pdf.

The SciencebehindBlue Light

Visible light is a form of electromagnetic radiation. The wavelength of the light defines its

colour and also its associatedenergy. Longer wavelengths have low energy and are grouped as

warmer colours whereas shorter wavelengths have comparatively higher energy and are

grouped as cool colours. Blue light has a wavelength of around 400 – 470 nm and therefore has

more energy when compared to the warmer yellow – red colours of 600 – 700 nm. The colour

temperature that indicates the colour tones of light is generally measured in Kelvins (K). Colour

temperatures over 5000 K are called “cool colours” or bluish colours and the values between

2000 – 3000 K is called “warm colours” or yellowish colours.

Research shows that the penetrationcapability of the high energy beams into human tissues is

relatively high than their lower energy counterparts. This very concept is used in the X-ray

Photography as well. X rays that are high in energy than the blue light are so intense that they

pass through the soft human flesh easily. Bones and other hard tissues block most of the X rays.

A film captures the variations in these X rays as shadows of those tissues & bones. Medical

professionals study the internal structure of these objects with the help of these X ray


Whyis Blue lightharmful foreyes?

Blue light has more energy can easily pass through the very sensitive cornea, the lens and

finally, almost all of it is reached to the retina of the eye. Colours like yellow, Red being less

intensive, will be blocked more by the lens of the eye before they reach the retina. This is why

warmer colours are generally pleasant for the eyes than the harsher cooler colours. This is true

even with the blue light emitted from laptop screens. A blue light filter for laptop screens like

CareUEyes can completely block this harmful blue light and render a pleasant warmer

yellowish light.

A continuous exposure of blue light from a laptop screen for extended periods of time leads to a

number of complications like dry eyes, headaches, eye twitches etc all of which are collectively

grouped under an umbrella term as Computer VisionSyndrome(CVS). As our eye is not able

to efficiently block most of the blue light, a long-term cumulativeandconstant exposure to this

high energy radiation will result in the damage and slow death of the cells of the retina. This

will accelerate the age-relatedmaculardegeneration(AMD)and ultimately results in a


Bluelightand Circadianrhythm

Human circadian rhythms have evolved to depend on the sun. We tend to be more active during

daytime when a lot of blue light is around us. During nights, our brain secretes a sleep

hormone Melatonin as a response to the absence of blue light. This hormone is very essential

for a good night’s sleep. High energy blue light also plays a major role in defining our mood,

activity and also sleep quality.

This very dependence of blue light for the regulation of circadian rhythm has made our bodies

evolve a special photoreceptor Melanopsin in the eye which is very sensitive to blue light. Light

as a factor now is very essential not only to our sleep but it acts like a synchronizer for many

other associated biological processes including temperature regulation as well. When the levels

of Melatonin rises in our body, as a response the body lowers its temperature and prepares for a

sleep phase. When Melanopsin receives blue light during the day, it triggers a response in the

brain to stop Melatonin secretion and our bodies come back from the sleep mode and become

active again. In this way, our entirebiologicalclock runs on the basis of light.

Exposure to the artificial blue light especially from laptop screens during nights confuses the

body and distorts the circadian rhythm and thereby causes inability to fall asleep. This is the

very reason why it is difficult for people who work on the computer screen at night to fall

asleep. A constant exposure to blue light during nights keeps our brain at a higher activity level

for extended periods of time. This eventually leads to increased exhaustion, lack of focus,

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anxiety and other complications which ends up in a lowered productivity. When the laptop

screen emits only warmer lights at night, our brain functions at a comfortable rate without any

disruption in the circadian rhythm and thereby decreasing sleep deprivation rate despite late

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night working.

Howcan CareUEyes help us ?

Most computer monitor displays are designed to emit light that has blue colours around 6500K.

Laptop screens are primarily designed to emit a lot of blue light to create a natural daylight

effect on the screen. In order to protect our eyes from these harsher blue lights especially during

nights, a blue light filter for laptop screens in very much needed. Some hardware devices like

tinted screen filters can be used. Though they filter out blue light and other UV light from the

laptop screens, they also distort the text & images on the screen causing other complications

like “digitaleyestrain”. Aspects like different screen sizes may need different sized filters to

ensure a proper fit, need for a separate screen filter for every screen, complexity & bulkiness in

the usage and handling turns this option to become an expensive and complex affair in the end.

Another best way is to not use the laptop screens at all during nights. This isn’t a viable option

for working professionals, programmers etc who have to work late in the nights. An alternative

solution is very much required to suit the requirements of everyone.

CareUEyes is a lightweight, software version of the blue light filter for laptop screens. It

primarily runs on Windows OS. It runs in the background and does two things simultaneously

to constantly protect our eyes.

  1. It masks or “filters” the harsh blue light emitted from a laptop screen by shifting the

colour tones to the warmer parts of the spectrum.

  1. It lowers the brightness of the screen by changing the gamma value of the screen.
Bluelight Laptops & Desktops Driver Download For Windows 10

When these two things combined with the hardware screen brightness control of the laptop, the

user can get a pleasant viewing experience based on the contents of the screen and the

surrounding lighting.

Unlike the hardware screen filters, CareUEyes works on multiple monitors irrespective of

their sizes and configuration. One needn’t buy any hardware devices like tinted screen filters,

special tinted eyeglasses or anything else to protect their eyes from the harsher blue light

emitted from the screens. The user can now comfortably work for longer durations without

causing much strain to the eye and body.

Will CareUEyesdamagemylaptop ?

CareUEyes monitors the laptop screen constantly and shifts any blue light to its warmer

counterpart before it is emitted from the screen. It almost works at the graphics delivery level

by hooking to graphics rendering interfaces. Despite this constant monitoring, the amount of

CPU resources it consumes is almost negligible. Even memory consumption is also very little

compared to other alternative softwares. At most it consumes just under 5MB of working

memory of the system.


One need not be apprehensive about the working of CareUEyes. Though it works at the

graphics rendering level, it won’t in any way manipulate any of the systems / hardware settings

or change any configuration of the system. When the program is terminated, it cleanlyexitsand

restores all the natural and originalcolour schemes of the laptop screen.

Brightness feature of the program is equally important. The user can vary the slider between

20% to 100% brightness of the screen. The basic principle behind the change of brightness of

the screen is not at the hardware level but the program cleverly modifies the gammavalue of

the screen in order to manipulate the resulting brightness and thus in no way affects the

hardware configuration of the monitor at all.

Unlike other methods that employ running a constant script to lower the brightness of the

screen, it just alters the final gamma output of the screen and the end result is a lower brightness

without any flickers/dots on the screen and a constant brightness spread across the monitor.

So CareUEyes will be well suited even for CRT & TFT monitors as well along with the modern

LCD / LED screen. It works equally well in programmatically controlling the gamma level of

the monitors irrespective of their inherent structural design or working.

All in all, CareUEyes filters the blue light and shifts the colour spectrum to warmer pleasant

yellow light, it reduces the brightness gamma of the screen and reduces eye strain so in the end,

during nights, as exposure to the blue light is reduced, it helps our brain to secrete Melatonin in

good quantities thereby helping us to sleep better. A uniformshift of colour tones and a uniform

brightness on the screen ensures a seamlessexperience to the end user. All of this is done by

consuming minimal computing resources ensuring no impact on the overall performance of the

system. The resource footprint of the software is also constantly maintained to be negligibly


Moreon thefeaturesof CareUEyes

CareUEyes has twosliders on the Display menu. One to change the colour temperature and the

other to programmatically change the brightness of the screen. The user can also assign hotkeys

to both these functions to simultaneously change them on the fly. This very feature separates

CareUEyes from other software solutions. It just sits in the tray while running in the

background, a single click on the tray icon activates the sliders screen. The user can now vary

both the colour temperature and the brightness on the fly with just a couple of more clicks.

It has 8 preset modes like Office, Reading, Editing etc that suits to various purposes. Editing

mode is very useful for programmers who wish to work late in the nights. The mode basically

inverts the colours on the screen thereby stripping out the bright colour tones completely. Other

modes give a quick combination of temperature and brightness values depending on the


Hotkey for colour temperature changes the value by 55K and the brightness hotkey changes the

brightness of the screen by 4% for every keystroke.

Just by changing the slider the user can reduce the colour tones to as low as 1000 K and can

increase to the natural 6500 K of the laptop screen. CareUEyes is capable of handling this wide

range of 1000K6500K colour temperatures with ease.

Bluelight Laptops & Desktops Driver Download For Windows 10

A disable hotkey is also included to manually pause the CareUEyes working and restore the

original screen colours with the stroke of a hotkey. This is essentially useful for designers /

photographers/ artists who want accuracy of colours when they intend to use certain specialized

softwares. Rules can also be specified in the inbuilt rules manager to direct the working of

CareUEyes depending on the foreground software. When CareUEyes detects a whitelisted

software that is currently focussed / brought into the foreground / activated, it automatically

disables its working and the screen will have original colours till the software goes into the


The user still should have access to the hardware brightness control of the laptop screen to have

a complete and efficient control over the overall viewing experience depending on the ambient


It is recommended to change the colour temperature of the laptop screen to warmer values

when working late in the nights to prevent any distortions in the circadian rhythm / secretion

levels of Melatonin. If the user also sets a correct brightness level depending on the ambient

light, strain on the eye will be largely reduced thereby enabling the user to work for longer

durations comfortably.

The brightness value should be set such that the light from the screen matches with the ambient

/indoorlighting. If the user works in a dark room with no ambient light, It is recommended to

set the brightness value to 20% and lower the laptop hardware brightness value to the

minimum. In other words, A laptop screen shouldn’tbetheonlysource of light in the room.


Bluelight Laptops & Desktops Driver Download For Windows 10 Free

Proper ambient light is equallyimportant to reduce eye strain.


The very purpose of this article is to make one realize the harmful and cumulative effects of a

Bluelight Laptops & Desktops Driver Download For Windows 10

constant artificial blue light exposure particularly at nights from the laptop screens. In this era

of modernization, when computer screens have become an inseparable part of our life, an

efficient and a light weight blue light filter for laptop screens like CareUEyes, that can change

the colour temperature and the brightness, without compromising the systems resources, is a

great gift we give to our most precious eyes and to our overall wellbeing.