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After only fifteen total hours on my RV-7A(O-360 Aerosport power,Hartzell constant speed prop), I experienced a partial loss of power at around 1,000 FT on take off. I was able to return and land with the engine running rough. Power continued to degrade while taxiing to the ramp. Running rough, I could not get above about 900RPM. An A&P mechanic diagnosed the problem to be at the carburetor. It was discovered, after seperating the carburetor body, that the mixture boss attached to the bottom housing had rotated. This essentially produced the same effect as pulling the red knob. Neither Bart,at Aerosport Power, or the Avstar people had ever heard of this one. I went carbureted because they were bullet proof. Oh well, I guess I'm in that infant mortality zone. In hindsight, I think this problem had been progressing for while. Because, after installing the new carb, EGT's and CHT's were much cooler, especially EGT's. If EGT's are higher than normal, or you can't lean as much at cruise before you peak, it may be an ensuing indication of this problem. Due to this problem's critical nature, I wanted to get the word out.
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Aviation Engines. Airplanes and other types of aircrafts use engines to power them while they fly. There are many different types available, including diesel engines and others that use jet fuel. Camera Monitor for Internal Observation (snap-shot capability). AV2576536-2-OH-E OVERHAUL, EXCHANGE AVSTAR FUEL INJECTOR $1,365.00. Add to Wishlist.

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Lambda 2100

The 1st Fieldable Diagnostic Equipment for General Aviation Injectors and Carburetors

Have your fuel system validated before you install it on your Engine.

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Is it repeatable?

We measure the mass flow of both fuel and air. Plus, we have validated the bench's repeatability to +-1%

  • Camera Monitor for Internal Observation (snap-shot capability)

  • Injectors - Digital display of Differential Pressure

  • Documented Performance of Fuel System

  • Automated Data Collection Printout (electronically store)

Avatar Cameras

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