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This utility will detect all Cirronet Ethernet devices on the local network, even those with no IP address. SNAPCom: SNAPCom is a simple TCP/UDP utility program to help familiarize the user with the CR-SEAP and its operation. The software running on these devices is highly standardized in terms of network communications, plug and play for many devices, and is generally upgraded constantly with patches and security fixes. Industrial automation networks connect HMIs, controllers, motor drives and other proprietary components. Unlike office networks, there is really no plug and play connectivity. STRIDE industrial unmanaged Ethernet switch, 5 ports, (5) Ethernet 10/100Base-T (RJ45) port(s), -10 to +60 deg C, plastic housing, IP40, 35mm DIN rail mount. A closer look at AutomationDirect's network of technical web sites; Online Store (24/7 convenience) or call us direct at 1-800-633-0405. Build a Bill of Materials.

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Quabbin DataMax Extreme Industrial Ethernet cable jackets were developed to survive the many industrial hazards that commercial jackets will not.

Quabbin Cat5e Industrial Ethernet cable has a UL PLTC rating allowing it to be installed in a cable tray without the need for conduit. With its 22 AWG conductors it works well in power over Ethernet (POE) applications. The rugged jacket has excellent chemical, moisture, and flame resistance, and exceptional low temperature flexibility. Designed for use in EtherNet/IP systems, the cable has 4 twisted pair, 22 AWG solid unshielded conductors; black or teal jacket colors are available.

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The cable is in compliance with TIA 568-C.2 and TIA 1005, and is UL Type CMX OUTDOOR – CMR, CMX and UL AWM Style 2463 (80°C, 600V) rated.

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Cut to length in 1-ft increments, Quabbin industrial Ethernet cable from AutomationDirect is $0.54 per ft (20 ft minimum).


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