Audio Precision USB Devices Driver Download For Windows

The older Audio Precision System instruments are very capable audio analyzers, especially for analog work. However they are missing modern PC connectivity and the control software does not run on modern Windows systems.

  • Today we bring you the collection of Chuwi USB drivers for various models of the devices from the company. Usually, when you connect a device to the PC, USB drivers get installed automatically. However, with Chuwi devices, such a facility is not available. So, you have to manually download and install the Chuwi USB drivers.
  • WARNING: Users of Studio 192, Studio 192 Mobile and ATOM devices should NOT use Universal Control 2.9.1 and should use UC 2.8 until further notice. Download Now Released October 10, 2018 View release notes 98.3 MB.
  • If these steps didn't solve your audio issue, visit your device manufacturer’s website and install the most recent audio/sound drivers for your device. Following is an example of a driver download page for a sound device manufacturer. If you have audio issues after installing updates. If your audio was working before you ran Windows Update.

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This APIB (Audio Precision Interface Bus) compatible USB adapter provides a simple and cost effective way to use your older AP System One, System Two, System Two Cascade, or ATS-2 on modern Microsoft Windows systems.

The AP control software and Visual BASIC scripts runs flawlessly – without a virtual machine or emulator – on modern Windows systems.

The USB adapter works by replacing the dynamic link library for low level bus communication.


The new library redirects the low level bus communication to the standard Microsoft WinUSB driver, which is built-in on newer Windows systems.


The Audio Precision compatible USB adapter is tested with APWIN 2.24 (Build 1390) and ATS_1.5.
Older versions of the control software may work too, but are not tested. Newer APWIN version do not work.

Any Audio Precision hardware that is supported by APWIN 2.24 or ATS 1.5 will function with the adapter:

  • System One
  • System Two
  • System Two Cascade
  • DCX-127
  • SIA-322
  • Switchers (e.g.: SWR-122F, SWR-2122)
  • ATS-2
Audio Precision USB Devices Driver Download For Windows

Windows 10 Usb Audio Driver

Audio precision usb devices driver download for windows 7

Supported Windows systems:

  • Windows XP SP3
  • Windows Vista (32-bit and 64-bit)
  • Windows 7 (32-bit and 64-bit)
  • Windows 8 (32-bit and 64-bit)
  • Windows 10 (32-bit and 64-bit)

Ordering information

The price of the adapter is 290 € excluding shipping.

  • 30 days right of return
  • Payment on receipt of goods
  • Payment via or bank transfer

Please send email with your shipping address to [email protected] if you want to order, or if you need information.

Software Installation

  1. Install the Audio Precision APWIN 2.24 control software, if it is not already installed, using an Administrator account. Adjust User Account Control (UAC) to the lowest level, install and return to the previous level. Some Anti-virus programs may prevent Installshield from finishing the installation on newer Windows systems. If the installation hangs, reboot Windows in Safe Mode and restart the APWIN software setup. Installing different AP software packages (like ATS-2 and APWIN) can cause trouble because of shared environment variables. Typically the Icons for the measurement scripts (like 'Analog Frequency Response') do not work as the PATH is incorrect. If you see blurred fonts try the program compatibility options. Right click on APWIN.EXE and click on 'Properties'. Set the 'Overwrite high DPI scaling behavior' to 'Application' (Do not set the 'Run this program in compatibility mode' option).
  2. Download the new low level bus communication DLL apio.dll from apio.zip. Overwrite the original apio.dll in the APWIN installation directory with the apio.dll from the zip file. The apio.dll is typically installed in 'C:Program FilesAudio PrecisionApwin200' or 'C:Program Files (x86)Audio PrecisionApwin200'.
  3. Install the Microsoft WinUSB driver

    If you are using Microsoft Windows 8 or newer, the Microsoft WinUSB driver is already preinstalled and you are done.

    For Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP, download the USB driver installation utility from s1usb_drv_installer.zip. For manual USB driver installation, the USB driver files can be downloaded from s1usb_drv.zip. Extract and start the USB driver installation utility. A wizard will guide you through the USB driver installation. Click the pictures below for step-by-step instructions.

    • Driver installation guide for Windows Vista/7

    • Driver installation guide for Windows XP

  4. Connect the USB adapter to your AP System and to your PC and switch it on. AWPIN detects your AP System as usual.

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Audio Precision Usb Devices Driver Download For Windows 10

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Audio Precision USB Devices Driver Download For Windows
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Audio Precision Usb Devices Driver Download For Windows Xp

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Code 611.0.810-16-2019Code 61 Preset Editor for Mac 1.0.8
Hammer 881.0.702-21-2018Hammer 88 Preset Editor for Windows 1.0.7