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Apple Mobile Device USB Driverがない、または正しくインストールされていないと、お使いのiPhone、iPad、またはiPod がPCのWindowsまたはiTunesで認識されることができません。 この記事ではApple Mobile Device USB Driverのダウンロードとインストールの方法をご紹介いたします。. Download Apple Mobile Device USB Driver by Update Apple Driver. If you have installed the iTunes app from Microsoft Store, then you need to follow the steps given in this section to update your Apple drivers. Unplug your iOS devices from your computer. Unlock your devices and plug them into your computer. Close the iTunes app. Launch Device Manager on your computer. Dec 11, 2020 Apple Mobile Device USB driver is usually be automatically installed when you install iTunes to computer. It is located in C: Program Files Common Files Apple Mobile Devices Support Drivers. Outdated driver cannot connect the new iOS devices so you need to update or reinstall it. The Apple Mobile Device USB Driver is a certain driver that is intended for a Windows computer for it to be able to recognize and at the same time communicate with any devices from Apple which includes your iPad, iPod, and iPhone device using your USB cable.


When you connect your iPhone to computer, instead of automatically launch iTunes, you might find the error message Apple mobile device USB driver was not installed successfully. You might find similar problems for the USB driver of Apple mobile device, Tipard iPhone Transfer Ultimate should be the wonderful solution for you.

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How to solve Apple mobile device USB driver problem

You can download the latest version of Apple mobile device USB driver, and then make sure you have iTunes and Apple mobile Device support reinstalled.

  • 1. Go to the Device manager and locate your Apple device.
  • 2. Right click the device and select 'Update Device Driver' option.
  • 3. Find the location for the Drivers and select the file.
  • 4. Once you install the Apple mobile device USB driver, you can locate the 'Apple Mobile Device USB Driver' under the 'Universal Serial Device USB Driver' section in Device Manager.

Best method to fix the problems of USB driver of Apple devices

If you do not want to waste more time to hunt for the right Apple mobile device USB driver or fix the tedious problem of Apple mobile device USB driver. If you need to retrieve the files when iTunes not working, or even move iTunes library, you can use Tipard iPhone Transfer Ultimate to sync the data between devices easily.

How to fix the problems for Apple mobile device USB driver

Connect device to the program

You have to make sure the iPhone or other Apple mobile can be recognized by the computer, and then download and install the program. Connect the device to the program.

Select the transfer files from iPhone

You can select the transfer iPhone files without Apple mobile device USB driver download. You can preview the Apple files easily from the program.

You can transfer the iPhone files to the computer or add more the files from your computer to iPhone without installing Apple mobile device USB driver. And you can also add the files to iTunes, which enables you to sync the files easily.

  • Transfer all the data of iPhone to computer without downloading USB driver of Apple mobile devices.
  • Easily transfer and sync the files without search for the driver of the Apple mobile devices.
  • Copy all or selected files from your iPad/iPod to any computer, and sync them to iTunes.

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