Alcatel Mobile Phones & Portable Devices Driver Download

Alcatel USB Driver Download, that also allows you to connect your Alcatel Smartphone to the Computer via USB cable. Alcatel mobile driver also allows you to keep your Alcatel Android hardware. If you ever were already searching for the free download Alcatel USB driver for Alcatel devices, then these pages might be extremely helpful to you actually. Here the direct Alcatel driver download link (Model Based and CPU Based) for windows 10,8,7,XP.

Download Alcatel USB Driver (ALL Model Based)

  1. With its vibrant 8' display, powerful sound, and 5MP camera for dramatic HD video and photos, the Alcatel JOY TAB ™ 2 is the perfect family companion to take anywhere.
  2. Alcatel branded devices from TCL Communication deliver innovative, feature-rich experiences that make access to today’s mobile technology simple.
  3. As Alcatel doesn’t provide any PC suite software for its devices, so it is hard to connect their devices to a computer without having installed an appropriate USB driver for them. So download Alcatel USB drivers, and install it in your computer and browse your Alcatel device with your Laptop.
  4. Alcatel AXEL™ More screen. Added convenience. Alcatel APPRISE™ The essential smartphone experience. Alcatel INSIGHT™ simplify your smartphone experience. Alcatel GLIMPSE™ The essential smartphone experience. Alcatel AVALON™ V. Smart design within reach. Alcatel ONYX™ The Latest tech for less.

The Alcatel cell phones are a brand of mobile phones. They are products from the joint venture between Alcatel-Lucent of France and TCL Communication of China and this joint venture was established in 2004. Alcatel offers a variety of models of smartphones and feature phones as well as tablets and are designed to suit various requirements.

No.Alcatel Model ListDownload
1Alcatel Fire 7USB Driver
2Alcatel Fire CUSB Driver
3Alcatel Fire EUSB Driver
4Alcatel Fire SUSB Driver
5Alcatel FlashUSB Driver
6Alcatel Flash PlusUSB Driver
7Alcatel Idol 2USB Driver
8Alcatel Idol 2 MiniUSB Driver
9Alcatel Idol 2 Mini SUSB Driver
10Alcatel Idol 2 SUSB Driver
11Alcatel Idol 3 (4.7)USB Driver
12Alcatel Idol 3 (5.5)USB Driver
13Alcatel Idol AlphaUSB Driver
14Alcatel Idol MiniUSB Driver
15Alcatel Idol SUSB Driver
16Alcatel Idol XUSB Driver
17Alcatel Idol X+USB Driver
18Alcatel HeroUSB Driver
19Alcatel Hero 2USB Driver
20Alcatel Hero 8USB Driver
21Alcatel One Touch Evo 7USB Driver
22Alcatel One Touch Evo 7 HDUSB Driver
23Alcatel One Touch Evo 8HDUSB Driver
24Alcatel One Touch EvolveUSB Driver
25Alcatel One Touch FierceUSB Driver
26Alcatel One Touch FireUSB Driver
27Alcatel One Touch IdolUSB Driver
28Alcatel One Touch Idol UltraUSB Driver
29Alcatel One Touch Pop AstroUSB Driver
30Alcatel One Touch Scribe EasyUSB Driver

2nd List

31Alcatel One Touch Scribe HDUSB Driver
32Alcatel One Touch Scribe HD-LTEUSB Driver
33Alcatel One Touch Scribe XUSB Driver
34Alcatel One Touch SnapUSB Driver
35Alcatel One Touch Snap LTEUSB Driver
36Alcatel One Touch StarUSB Driver
37Alcatel One Touch T10USB Driver
38Alcatel One Touch Tab 7USB Driver
39Alcatel One Touch Tab 7 HDUSB Driver
40Alcatel One Touch Tab 8 HDUSB Driver
41Alcatel One Touch M’PopUSB Driver
42Alcatel One Touch S’PopUSB Driver
43Alcatel One Touch T’PopUSB Driver
44Alcatel One Touch X’PopUSB Driver
45Alcatel PixiUSB Driver
46Alcatel Pixi 2USB Driver
47Alcatel Pixi 3USB Driver
48Alcatel Pixi 3 (4)USB Driver
49Alcatel Pixi 3 (4.5)USB Driver
50Alcatel Pixi 3 (5.5)USB Driver
51Alcatel Pixi 3 (5.5) LTEUSB Driver
52Alcatel Pixi 3 (5)USB Driver
53Alcatel Pixi 3 (7)USB Driver
54Alcatel Pixi 3 (7) 3GUSB Driver
55Alcatel Pixi 3 (7) LTEUSB Driver
56Alcatel Pixi 3 (8) 3GUSB Driver
57Alcatel Pixi 7USB Driver
58Alcatel Pixi 8USB Driver
59Alcatel POP 2 (4.5)USB Driver
60Alcatel POP 2 (4.5) Dual SimUSB Driver

3rd List

61Alcatel POP 7USB Driver
62Alcatel POP 7SUSB Driver
63Alcatel POP 8USB Driver
64Alcatel POP 8SUSB Driver
65Alcatel POP 10USB Driver
66Alcatel Pop C1USB Driver
67Alcatel Pop C2USB Driver
68Alcatel Pop C3USB Driver
69Alcatel Pop C5USB Driver
70Alcatel Pop C7USB Driver
71Alcatel Pop C9USB Driver
72Alcatel Pop D1USB Driver
73Alcatel Pop D2USB Driver
74Alcatel Pop D3USB Driver
75Alcatel Pop FitUSB Driver
76Alcatel Pop IconUSB Driver
77Alcatel Pop S3USB Driver
78Alcatel Pop S7USB Driver
79Alcatel Pop S9USB Driver
80Alcatel OT-890USB Driver
81Alcatel OT-890DUSB Driver
82Alcatel OT-903USB Driver
83Alcatel OT-906USB Driver
84Alcatel OT-908USB Driver
85Alcatel OT-908FUSB Driver
86Alcatel OT-910USB Driver
87Alcatel OT-915USB Driver
88Alcatel OT-916USB Driver
89Alcatel OT-918USB Driver
90Alcatel OT-918DUSB Driver

4th List

91Alcatel OT-978USB Driver
92Alcatel OT-983USB Driver
93Alcatel OT-985USB Driver
94Alcatel OT-986USB Driver
95Alcatel OT-988 ShockwaveUSB Driver
96Alcatel OT-990USB Driver
97Alcatel OT-991USB Driver
98Alcatel OT-993USB Driver
99Alcatel OT-992DUSB Driver
100Alcatel OT-995USB Driver
101Alcatel OT-997USB Driver
102Alcatel OT-997DUSB Driver

If your device is not listed: Get Download All Alcatel USB Driver Download.

CPU Based USB Driver

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Alcatel Mobile Phones One Touch

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Alcatel Mobile Phones & Portable Devices Driver Download Offline

Portableread more

How to manually setup

The first time you connect Alcatel phone and tablets, that plugs into a USB port, Download Alcatel mobile USB driver for Windows. Installs a Alcatel USB Driver your Computer for that model. PC automatically identifies the all Alcatel phone and driver allow your Computer to communicate with Alcatel hardware.

See Video : Drivers Install tutorials for Any Android Device.

“I had recently upgraded my laptop from Windows 8.1 to 10. Since the upgrade, I am unable to connect my Android devices as MTP (or Portable Media Player) devices on Windows.”

Many people are enjoying the newly upgraded Windows 10. However, some of them find that Windows 10 doesn’t recognize their Android device. This is a pretty common issue after new Windows operating systems installed, but still an annoying problem for most users. If Windows 10 cannot recognize your Android phone as MTP device, you will not be able to transfer files between PC and the device conveniently, and Android data recovery app cannot recognize the device for recovery, either. The causes of this problem may vary according to different situations, but following solutions should fix most cases.

Alcatel Mobile Phones & Portable Devices Driver Download

Quick Check for Android Phone Not Recognized on Windows 10 Problem

Following factors should be excluded first in order to find out the real cause and solution.

  1. Use original USB cable and make sure the cable and port are intact.
  2. Connect device to PC directly instead of via USB hub if possible.
  3. Enable USB debugging might help with this problem.
  4. Try it on another computer to make sure it is not the computer’s problem.

If the above factors can be excluded, please try solutions below.

1. Reboot Windows 10

Alcatel Mobile Phones & Portable Devices Driver Download

Many computer issues can be easily solved by restarting the computer. This process will end all running programs so that any conflicts that may cause the problem will be closed. Then you can connect your device to computer again. This trick usually works when your Windows 10 doesn’t recognize your Android phone occasionally. You can reboot Windows 10 by going to Start button > Power > Restart.

2. Install Proper Driver to Get Android Device Recognized on Windows 10

When you connect your device to your computer, Windows 10 will automatically install a driver for it (if there is not), so the OS can recognize the device and make it work properly. But sometimes it may fail to install the driver. In this case, you have to install the driver manually to get the device recognized as MTP device on Windows 10.

Step1. Connect your device to computer. Tap “OK” on device screen if asked to allow computer to access your device.
Step2. Press Windows key + X, and choose Device Manager from the list.
Step3. Find your Android device from Device Manager. It is usually under Other Devices category with a yellow exclamation mark next to it.

Alcatel Mobile Phones & Portable Devices Driver Download Windows 7

Step4. Right-click on your device and choose Update Driver Software
Step5. Choose Browse my computer for driver software.
Step6. Choose Let me pick a list of device drivers on my computer.
Step7. Select MTP USB Device and click Next.

After the driver is installed, your Android device should be recognized.

If the driver cannot be installed, you can also visit your Android device manufacturer website to download the driver. Here is a collection of major Android OEM USB driver download addresses.

3. Install Media Feature Pack for N and KN versions of Windows 10

In order to transfer files between your computer and your Android device, you need to use MTP protocol. MTP protocol is related to Windows Media Player, and some versions of Windows 10 don’t have Windows Media Player, say N and KN versions. Hence, they don’t support for related technologies such as MTP protocol. In this case, if you want your Windows 10 to load Android as MTP device, please download and install Media Feature Pack for N and KN version of Windows 10 from here.

Alcatel Mobile Cell Phones

4. Load Android as MTP on Windows 10

If your Windows 10 can recognize your phone but only charging, you should configure USB connection as MTP mode. On most Android devices, there should appear a notification on the notification bar whenever the device is connected to computer via USB cable. The notification allows users to connect the device as Media device (MTP), USB flash drive or Charging only.

However, sometimes there is just no such a notification. It might be a setting error, and you might have set the connection mode as Charge only and ticked “Don’t remind me again”. To fix this error, you can go to Settings > Storage > More (Menu) icon > USB computer connection and choose Media device (MTP).
Nevertheless, you might not be able to find “USB computer connection” on some latest Android phones. In this case, you can try clearing Settings data from App Manager and connect the devices again.

If the solutions above can’t solve your problem, please describe it on the comment.

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