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Driver Time Tracking Software Shadow Tracker® Time software is the perfect solution for time sheet management of mobile and office employees. Mobile employees, such as drivers, can time in and out. An advanced tracking solution providing 24/7/365 theft monitoring to provide security and peace of mind whilst offering a comprehensive range of driver convenience features for life on the road. Geoforce is proud to announce the launch of our new solution for Advanced Fleet Management. We have integrated our Track and Trace solutions with Geotab, an industry leader in fleet management and vehicle tracking telematics, to offer a host of new features designed to help keep tabs on vehicular fleets, while complying with Hours of Service / Electronic Logging Device (ELD) regulations. Advance Express is a fast and simple way to sell programmable LED drivers with confidence. Advance Express is more than just LED Drivers, it is a program to help you win in the replacement LED Driver market. Three-phase brushless DC motor driver evaluation board. Input voltage from 8 to 45 V. Output current up to 15 Arms. Power stage based on STD140N6F7 MOSFETs. Sensored or sensorless field-oriented control algorithm with 3-shunt sensing UM2154 User manual for STEVAL-SPIN3201: advanced BLDC controller with embedded STM32 MCU evaluation.

We help you keep tabs on the status of your vehicles and drivers, while also complying with Hours of Service / Electronic Logging Device (ELD) regulations to keep you compliant and efficient. Here’s how:

Regulatory Compliance

• IFTA miles reporting.
• Hours of Service (HOS) electronic logging & violation reporting.
• Driver Vehicle Inspection Report (DVIR) electronic logging.

Real-time GPS Tracking

Teen driver tracking device

• Driver speed & idle tracking.
• Driver rules & email alert notifications.
• Geofence creation & monitoring.

Award-winning Tracking Hardware

• Geotab GO device (used by top 100 fleets and Fortune 500 companies).
• Built-in accelerometer for real-time data.
• Easy, plug-and-play installation.

Advanced Vehicle Diagnostics

• Vehicle maintenance reminders.
• Fuel consumption monitoring.
• Fault data reporting.

Driver tracking device

Driver Tracking Log

Driver Behavior Coaching

Driver Tracking App

• Real-time in-vehicle driver coaching.
• In-vehicle dangerous driving alerts.
• Visual trend reports.

gain control over your field operations

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