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ADDI-DATA offers PCI Express boards for use in industrial environment. They are especially designed for the reliable use in harsh industrial environments and have many protective features, such as protection against short circuits and overvoltage, optical isolation, input and output filters, etc.

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  • New product catalog Download now! Ethernet data loggers For acquiring temperature, pressure or fill levels, use the highly precise long-time data recording devices of the MSX-ilog series by ADDI-DATA APCIe-1711 This multifunctions and multichannels counter board allows you to realize many different applications on the same hardware thanks to its wide range of applications and its fine precision!

Overview of PCI Express boards


Product nameDescriptionPDF
APCIe-1500Digital, 32 I/O, 24 VDatasheet
APCIe-1500-12VDigital, 32 I/O, 12 VDatasheet
APCIe-1532Digital, 32 I/O, 24 VDatasheet
APCIe-1532-12VDigital, 32 I/O, 12 VDatasheet
APCIe-1516Digital, 16 I/O, 24 VDatasheet
APCIe-1564Digital, 64 I/O, 24 VDatasheet
APCIe-1564-5VDigital, 64 I/O, 5 VDatasheet
APCIe-1016Digital, 16 digital inputs, 24 VDatasheet
APCIe-1032Digital, 32 digital inputs, 24 VDatasheet
APCIe-2032Digital, 32 digital outputs, 24 VDatasheet
APCIe-2032-5Digital, 32 digital outputs, 5 VDatasheet
APCIe-2200Relay board, 8/16 relays, 8/16 digital inputs, 24 VDatasheet


Addi data gmbh
Product nameDescriptionPDF
APCIe-1711Counter, programmable functionsDatasheet


Addi-data Driver Download
Product nameDescriptionPDF
APCIe-3121Analog, 16SE/8 diff. inputs, 4/8 outputs, 16-bitDatasheet
APCIe-3126Analog, 16SE/8 diff. inputs, 8 outputs, 16-bit, 200 khz Datasheet
APCIe-3021Analog, 16SE/8 diff. inputs, 16-bitDatasheet
APCIe-3521Analog, 4/8 outputs, 16-bitDatasheet
APCIe-3660-4Noise and vibration measurement board, 4 analog inputs, 24-bitPreliminary!
APCIe-0408 watchdogs/timersDatasheet

Serial communication, RS232, RS422, RS485, 20 mA CL

Product nameDescriptionPDF
APCIe-73001-port serial interfaceDatasheet
APCIe-74202-port serial interfaceDatasheet
APCIe-75004-port serial interfaceDatasheet
APCIe-78008-port serial interfaceDatasheet

How to Manually Download and Update:

This built-in ADDI-DATA driver should be included with your Windows® Operating System or is available through Windows® update. The built-in driver supports the basic functions of your ADDI-DATA hardware. Click here to see how to install the built-in drivers.

Operating Systems:Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10

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How to Automatically Download and Update:

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Recommendation: For novice Windows users, we highly recommend downloading a driver update tool like DriverDoc [Download DriverDoc - Product by Solvusoft] to help update your ADDI-DATA drivers. This driver update utility makes sure that you are getting the correct drivers for your ADDI-DATA and operating system version, preventing you from installing the wrong drivers.

Providing a database of over 2,150,000 drivers, DriverDoc not only will keep your drivers updated, but it will also keep the rest of your PC's drivers updated as well.


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What do ADDI-DATA Device Drivers do?

Device drivers allow the hardware device (eg. printer) to communicate clearly with your operating system. ADDI-DATA has written these unique, 'mini' software programs for the device to operate properly.

What Operating Systems are Compatible with ADDI-DATA Drivers?

How do I Update ADDI-DATA Drivers?

ADDI-DATA driver updates can be carried out manually with the Windows Device Manager, or automatically by downloading a driver update software utility.

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What are Benefits and Risks Associated with Updating ADDI-DATA Drivers?

Addi-data Driver Download

Increased features from your ADDI-DATA, better hardware performance, and interoperability can be realized from correct driver updates. On the other hand, installing incorrect drivers can cause a myriad of issues including PC crashes, sliuggish performance, and overall system instability.

Addi-data Driver Download Windows 7


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