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There are several vendors on the market - Accusys comes to mind as one - that offer RAID controllers which emulate single drives. You install the RAID box in a 5.25' bay, connect your drives to the RAID box, and then connect the RAID box to the SCSI controller. If your goal is RAID 1, then it meets all your needs: no drivers to worry about and any single drive may be removed and connected directly to a SCSI controller to retrieve the data. For RAID 5, I believe that if replacement hardware is unavailable you would be in trouble no matter what hardware solution you choose. The only way to cover your back 99.9% would be to purchase spare RAID hardware just in case your setup fails and the vendor disappears.
Of course, you aren't using the RAID as a backup solution, right? It isn't a backup solution, it is a redundancy solution. A backup solution is something you can take off-site in case the building burns down, or floods, or gets picked up by a tornado, or the building is broken into and the disks are stolen, or... well, you should get the picture by now. A redundancy solution only provides additional insurance against downtime.
They have a number of products at their website (www.accusys.com.tw) that you may want to look into. I've heard only good things about the ACS-7500. Granted, it's not SCSI, but it is an indicator that their SCSI stuff is probably good as well.
Accusys SCSI & RAID Devices driverDriverAccusys SCSI & RAID Devices DriverDriver

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