December 24, 2019

Austin Fog

Morning foggy drive to Lake Travis

Quite often we wake up to beautiful foggy mornings here in Austin and usually we just sit and watch from our patio. This day we decided to get in the car and chase it. The fog here in Austin is quite a bit different than Mankato, MN. By that I mean it lasts longer and seems to be thicker. We threw on some photo worthy clothes and headed out the door. I set a location on the GPS to a place we had seen and saved during one of the many times we were driving around.

The drive was beautiful with the all of the buildings downtown almost completely covered by the fog. Heading out of town yielded just as beautiful sights as the country roads are typically covered by trees, so it was pretty much like driving through a tunnel with the white fog always ahead of us. The place I happened to pick was more in the valley and wasn’t quite what we had envisioned for the photos we had in mind since it wasn’t as thick there. It enabled us to see some good spots for future shoots though.

I decided to see what Lake Travis had to offer after only taking a few photos at our first “location”. Lake Travis is not actually in Austin anymore but it’s not that far away. We parked and walked to the outcrop of rocks along the shore. This area really reminded us of being in northern Minnesota with the trees and rocks lining the lake. We finished our little fog adventure here because the fog really started to lift. We were very grateful that it lasted as long as it did.

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Luke Schweim

thank you so much for coming on this journey with us!

with love,

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