December 24, 2019

William + Bay

Intimate 60’s downtown Austin session

The second week we were here in Austin we took a friend to Hanks. Our waiter was a handsome young fella and of course we took note of this. He literally looked like he stepped out of the 60’s. We asked him if he’d ever been photographed before, he said he had done a little bit of acting but nothing like a real photoshoot. He wrote down his name on the receipt and we left.

Fast forward a few weeks, we are getting antsy to get people in front of the camera so I looked him up on insta, followed and messaged him about doing a shoot soon. Not long after I had followed him a woman started following us. Took a look at her profile and she had photos with him. So I kind of put two and two together that they were dating but not before messaging her to do a shoot as well.

A little later on in the evening he messaged us saying Bay was his girlfriend and wondered if we would want to do a couples session of them. Well duh, of course we want to. We picked a day, time and outfit ideas. They put stuff together, we met them and away we went to create art in downtown Austin. We wanted a grungy, back alley, 60’s vibe shoot but what we got was so much more!

Our goal is intimacy in our photos. Intimacy doesn’t always require nudity, or being vulnerable to the person behind the camera. Intimacy is body language, the way the eyes look and the way people touch. While we look at the images and don’t see anything super spectacular we do feel that we got intimacy.

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Luke Schweim

thank you so much for coming on this journey with us!

with love,

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