December 13, 2019


Photos by Molly / Written by Luke

I met Korina at The REAL Workshop in the summer of 2018. There was just something special about her and I knew I wanted to get to know her and her lifestyle better. In early 2019 God told me that this was the year I was going to travel more but it wasn’t going to be just for myself. This was going to take me to places to help or impact people. Immediately I knew that Korina was going to be one that I needed to visit at some point.

I texted her one day, “God keeps telling me I need to write you. I love you.” Her response solidified what God had told me earlier in the year. “Thank you, and I know why. My sister is very sick and will die soon.” Due to her schedule she would not really be home for any good amount of time till June so I started looking for flights for then.

Finally the time came for me to fly down. We had a wonderful time connecting just her and I as well as with people I met along the way. Another friend we had made at the workshop, Maggie, came as well and the three of us would sit and talk for hours. We knew we were going to do lifestyle boudoir photos of each other at some point because that’s just what us photographers do. Her loft is so gorgeous to shoot in. And she is even more beautiful inside than out!

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Molly Schweim

thank you so much for coming on this journey with us!

with love,

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