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Sophie – Our Very Own Wonder Woman

Sophie graduated from college with a degree in theater, she then moved to Pennsylvania to perform on stage and once a year she comes back to Mankato to visit family and friends. That is basically all we know about Sophie. We call her our creative one night stand. She comes in, we shoot and she leaves. We are somehow always on the same page during the shoot which is extremely refreshing! We rarely have to give much instruction and if we have an idea she is ready to execute before we even finish the sentence. We always take a lot of photos during our sessions together but it’s totally worth it because she is always changing her posing. We can then look back on her images for posing inspiration for other models. A friend of ours whom we hadn’t seen in years was in town, so we invited Yeng along and he took some really amazing photos as well! Sophie posted one of the images to instagram and a friend of hers had the best comment ever. She said, “You look like Wonder Woman on her way to brunch.” Molly, we could not agree more!

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