November 30, 2016

Alex + Jordan

So here’s a funny story. We were at an instameet one Saturday and the group ended up at Minneopa. As we were walking along we encountered Jordan and Alex who were apparently getting some photos taken. Molly asked Alex if she could take some photos of her. I (Luke) ran ahead to catch up with the rest of the group by the falls. When I came back Molly was a little mad at me because I just left her with some people that we hardly knew from our church. She said that Jordan kept saying, “well it was nice to see ya.” basically was telling her to move along cause we got stuff to do haha!

Later that day, after we had shot a wedding we realized why he was rushing us. Jordan proposed to Alex at the falls that morning after we had ran into them! Then a few days later we get a message from Jordan asking if we could shoot their engagement and wedding. They were looking at local photographers and looked at our website and said “hey we really like this” and then they realized it was us haha!

Their engagement session was so fun! We went back to Minneopa falls to shoot. I took the lead with the shoot because I love going on hiking adventures with our clients more than Molly lol. They let us have creative freedom and we pushed the boundaries and got a little weird. We did some things that we had envisioned but never done before. We had fun with some shadow play and interesting angles. We are very much looking forward to their barn wedding this coming summer!

Molly Schweim

thank you so much for coming on this journey with us!

with love,

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