August 29, 2016


Maria is one of those beautiful souls that you cannot help but feel joy around. Her smile is infectious and her joyful spirit cannot be crushed. We ran into her at a wedding we were shooting shortly after we found out that she was pregnant. The following images are not her actual maternity photos, but are just for fun!

I’ve always wanted to shoot in a green house and we made it happen that day. There is a cute little green house I didn’t even know existed until we drove by it one day. It was a small little place but it suited our needs just fine!

I was at it again with new presets for editing. This session is edited with KLN (Kevin Klein) from Tribe Archipelago. Its my new favorite and I think it will be for quite some time!

Molly Schweim

thank you so much for coming on this journey with us!

with love,

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